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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Blissful and Domestic- Thrifty Living and Big Smiles: MrsCraftyRVing Giveaway

Blissful and Domestic- Thrifty Living and Big Smiles: MrsCraftyRVing Giveaway: Good morning lovelies! I can not believe I have not been on here since Tuesday! How the heck did that happen? Well between finishing u...

Blog Crush for Spiced With Love

Mountain Man George Reviews LOVES anything to do with food. So you can beat this article is more then great in my book. The only thing better would be to have this made for me right this minute.                                         
by Spiced With Love
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Friday, August 30, 2013


As a pilot I am thrilled any time I get to work with plane fabric. My wife put these two themes together and I sewed it up. At first I didn't care for the fabric combo, but hey she has an eye.

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Crystals Shining Crystals


ShiningCrystals' Shop Announcement

THANK YOU for looking at Crystals Shining Crystals...
Please feel free to use coupon code SAVE10 for 10% off any items in my shop-- including SALE and CLEARANCE priced items.

I welcome LAYAWAY!! Please contact me to inquire on how this works!! Start your Christmas Shopping EARLY!!
Due to the recent increase in shipping, I have had to adjust my shipping costs. I apologize in advance, but shipping has almost doubled to some places.

I hope you find something you like~ I do take special orders as warranted. Please message me for any and include quantity and time frame needed. Thank you!!

OH!!-- Christmas time is coming!!!--- if you read down this far, your reward is a special coupon (HOHOHO) for 20% off!!




HI! I love to make jewelry-- any kinds of jewelry. I live in the South and am married to my high school sweetheart. We have two teenage sons who are into sports so we travel quite a bit. I do currently have a full time job but with two sons who are growing as fast as they can, found my way onto etsy.
Mountain Man George Reviews
We'd like to thank Crystal Hyatt owner of ShiningCrystals a big hearty thanks for being a part of our FREE Friday Etsy Feature. Not only an awesome shop owner but a super person to chat with.
you would like to be a FREE Friday Etsy Feature - just drop me a note at  and get your FREE Friday date locked in.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Terina Thompson Photography

Top notch LADY... And I mean it 100%....

Joann shopping can be a blessing and a curse. You pay bank if you do not show up with coupons. And on this visit, I realized I had caused my self a self inflicted curse.

My wife loves people. Truly loves them. If your standing near by and you have items that send her a message saying "I dare you to ask me what I am making with all this stuff". She'll ask! She made the most friends by that simple little question "What are you making?".  And so the story goes - this is how we meet Terina of .

Terina we learned does all of her own photo props for her customers and has GREAT taste in materials that she uses. My wife wanted to take her fabric and run for the hills. This would of caused some issues I am sure, but then Ms Terina is a super nice LADY. I think she would of handed them over if asked lol.

We learned that she is a business owner locally in our area, which really got our attention. You see my wife and I are planning on doing new business profile pictures and this is something right in Terina area of experience. After doing some research on her and her business - its a LOCKED deal. My gosh her photo's are amazing. Right after our big move, guess who we are calling??

Fun Fact about Terina.. She gave us her coupon so that we could save some $$$$ - now talk about being extra super great. Class is what she is, communication, caring and very passionate about her career. Honored to be hiring her!!

Referrals earn you a FREE 8X10 with your next session...
(509) 270-2857 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Don't tell me that BEARS live in the Woods

Don't tell me that bears live in the woods. How long has this been going on??
Visit Look for Molly Bear on Facebook as well as this page.
Bear With Us provides educational information regarding bears, bear behaviour as well as promoting co-existence between people and bears to reduce conflicts. Slide presentations and lectures are offered to interest groups such as nature clubs, Provincial Parks, schools, scouts, guides etc. Bear With Us offers a problem (nuisance) black bear relocation service locally and provides rehabilitation for orphan cubs and injured bears in addition to offering permanent sanctuary for some non-releasable adults.
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Monday, August 26, 2013

Setting Up Our Food Budget

As part of our 1-year plan in SAVING for our NEW "HOME" we are putting every avenue of our lives on a budget.

FOOD: $200.00 a month for two (not bad, we've seen family of 4 do this on $200 so this will help us stock up for our slow times with the business sales). This includes pet food and paper goods, toilet paper and such.

1.) food staples that are cheaper than others, such as beans
2.) coupons but hey not all coupons play fair. Only use them if you really need or use the item
3.) bulk buys - this is where WinCo is going to come in real handy
4.) fresh veggie/fruit - Bountiful Baskets
5.) free eggs from our landlord --------> Gosh they rock!!
6.) no meat over $2.00 a pound
7.) make a menu before shopping
8.) shop only 1 to 2 times a month or starve (meats and dairy products every 2 weeks, all the other items once a month - this is what our secret is and to live by, that way the Twinkies won't tempt MountainManGeorgeRevies)
9.) Soup Sundays and always make our items from scratch (like my famous Pot Pies and Breads)
10.) Crock pot meals help shave some money off too
11.) Make my own cookies (box can be $4+ but from scratch a $1.00 or less a batch)
12.) NEVER SAY NO TO A FOOD INVITE from friends lol. Had to add that in.
13.) no ordering out/eating out - if so it comes out of the food budget. Once food gone we starve until the next shopping trip - this will really help us NOT to eat out. EXEMPT New Year's PIZZA - but we may opt to make our own that night.
14.) Study for cheap meal plans ALWAYS

Our GOAL is to buy a home in 1-year

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Colossians 3:16

Colossians 3:16 - Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Did you say Olive Oil?

My wife is picky when it comes to Olive Oil. Me, as long as I can eat it, I am good. But for whatever reason after a huge debate with my wife. I had to find out some things about olive oil and start paying attention to taste.
I am cheap!! I have to be, I am on a 1-year plan that has cut out all and every fun thing imaginable for us to gain a new home in our future. But there are what we call luxuries that we do have that we've squeezed in so we wouldn't have to suffer. Oil is one of them. And cheese (another topic on that later and one that the Irish win)

So the lesson I learned from my wife is this:
Take homemade bread and dip into olive oil. That's the best way to taste test olive oils. And so I did this. And there are not many that are bad, but there is a taste difference in them. My wife adds Italian spices to a small bowl of olive oil each and every time I make my own bread. Its beyond good.

Are all extra virgin olive oils the same?No. Like wines, extra virgin olive oils can vary dramatically in taste, depending upon the type and quality of the fruit that is pressed, the time of harvest, the weather during the growing season, and the region from which the olives were produced.

Connoisseurs generally use the following adjectives in appraising extra virgin olive oils: mild, semi-fruity and fruity, depending on the flavor of the olive that can be detected. Further, some oils, such as the finer oils from Tuscany and Southern Italy, have a peppery finish that many appreciate.

How to Determine Whether an Olive Oil is Extra-Virgin?

Place a small quantity of the oil in a glass bowl and refrigerate it for a few days.
If it becomes crystalline, the chances are good that it is a true extra-virgin olive oil.
If it forms a block, it is most likely chemically refined oil that has had some first-pressed oil added to it.
And the WINNER is in our HOME

since 1903
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Blog Crush for Timeless Creations

Many congrats on their new family member who by the way is super CUTE.
"Duke" I like!!
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Friday, August 23, 2013

Travel Art Caddy

GREAT for those that travel a lot. Or need a break from long waits at appointments that are running late. Gift giving EASY with this....


Looking Glass Hemp and Guitar Pick Designs

Guitar Pick Jewelry, Hemp Jewelry, Trendy Rock Earrings


Looking Glass creates unique Guitar Pick jewelry that
we sell in local stores and on-line through our etsy shop,
and our website,

Please check out our blog, we are always busy creating
new and exciting designs:

Our guitar pick and hemp jewelry make great gifts for
that special person and music lover in your life!!
Thank you for checking us out!
God Bless ♥♫♥ Michelle & Danielle

Guitar pick jewelry with your....
Music, Style, & Expression in mind!
Now Boston is one of my wife's favorite place and its cool that these two designers are from there. They bring home back for my wife. Good pure loving hearts!!
Honored to have this store on my blog and to be a member of the same etsy groups!!
if you would like to be a FREE Friday Etsy. Give me a shout out!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pin it to WIN it

MrsCraftyRVing is hosting this Giveaway. All you have to do is pin it on pinterest and then leave a comment on this article - thats it. Once we hit 50 comments then will pick the winner. The winner will get $25.00 credit towards anything they want at MrsCraftyRVing etsy store.

Don't forget to leave a comment on this blog....

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Princess Crown

We now make them. And will be adding a fleet of different types and patterns. And not just for girls but for little Kings too!! Adults can have one made for them for their special day too as well
Princess Crown
We work with Vendors as well - so email us for the list of prices for discount bulk orders...

RV Cooking Show Rocks

RV Cooking Show, my gosh... We've learned so much and use their e-Cookbook a lot!!


Can you tell we are fans?? Well we are... And you can get your own e-Cookbook too just like we did

Our Favorite from Bend, Oregon
1 pound of steak, chicken or fish to grill - your choice
olive oil
salt/pepper/herbs to taste
1/4 c balsamic vinegar
juice of 1 lemon
zest of 1 lemon
2 T chives - chopped

Prepare meat by coating with olive oil and sprinkling with a pinch of salt, pepper and herbs. Using the back of a spoon, rub the spices into the meat.

Place the meat on a hot grill to cook.

While meat is grilling combine balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, zest and chives in a flat pan such as a Pyrex cake pan and swirl to mix.

Remove meat from the grill when cooked to desired doneness/temperature and place directly into vinegar bath - 30 seconds per side.

Allow meat to rest on a cutting board for two minutes, slice and serve

We only get to eat steak once a month. Budget thing! But boy dang dang good...

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sacred Truths of the Doctrine and Covenants

The spirits of animals are in the likeness of their bodies. The spirit is eternal and does not change. The spirit of an elephant looks like an elephant; the spirit of man looks like a man. This is true of all creatures under Heaven. Therefore, the body of the creature cannot change and evolve into something different and still look like its spirit. This principle is simply stated by the Lord that there might not be misunderstandings.
Sacred Truths of the Doctrine and Covenants Vol. II, p. 38

Farm Life

I made this last night and you can get it while it last. But fear now, we do custom orders
Crayon Wallet

We are NOW working holiday hours which means we are working over time to do more so that you can have your orders FASTER....

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Adventures on the Road: FuNkNjUnK seriously funky junk

Adventures on the Road: FuNkNjUnK seriously funky junk: FuNkNjUnK seriously funky junk About Hi ~ I am a Mum to 2 teenagers & love to get creative at home ~ I don't ...

Blog Crush on The Royal Sisters

As I am sitting here, I am not only reading blogs like crazy to see what kind of crazy things are going on in the world. I am also watching my wife crochet Barbie doll hats with this super tiny crochet hook, and I am thinking "How in the heck does she do it"? Which now brings me to this bloggers article.
What the seasons bring...
Now I've got the chills! I have always been amazed at what creators can do with a hooks and a ball of yarn.
Guys and Gals who don't knit or crochet, you can support handmade items. As a handmade party favor maker, I know the hours, the sweat and the money it takes to reach that dream.
 Here is The Royal Sisters dream
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Friday, August 16, 2013

Retro and Vintage Inspired Aprons



CherryPieAprons' Shop Announcement

This is your apron store where you can find flirty aprons, baking and cooking aprons, pretty hostess aprons, and just plain fun aprons. Each one is lovingly handmade.

Make sure to find us on Facebook and Twitter!

Kevin Hsia recently created our own banner that we are in love with!
If you are interested in Kevin Hsia's work,
 go to his website
Kevin is a photographer and graphic designer-he is amazing!



Welcome to my shop!

I'm a mother to three beautiful and creative girls (actually they are all adults now but to me they will always be "my girls") and the wife for the past 30 years to a pretty cool guy. I recently left my job as a litigating attorney and now I'm living out my dream of having some time to enjoy my family and to make aprons! I truly believe that hand crafted items are made with love and attention to detail - I know that mine are!

Quite simply, I am happiest when I'm sewing and creating, and I've dreamed of this time when I can spend time doing what I love. Over the years I've sewn clothes for my three daughters, myself and a couple years ago I started making aprons and selling them at craft fairs. I always wanted more time to sew ( I know - we all crave more time) and create and now I finally have it! I also am trying out my hand on some writing on the side - I adore mysteries!

Visit my facebook page:  

I also have a blog at

Review of Cherry Pie Aprons @


The profile picture, tells you how much fun this store is all about. Again, I am lucky enough to call this store owner a friend. Another EXTREME hard worker. I'd like to say thankyou for being a party of my Free Etsy Friday Feature. It's an honor to have you on my blog..
If you would like to be a FREE Etsy Friday Feature, email me at

Little French Owls Vintage Shabby Chic From Rural France

Mountain Man George Reviews is honored to know this store owner. And I can say this is one of the sweetest lady you'll ever meet. And I can't thank her enough for the kindness to show both myself and to my wife Evielynne....


LittleFrenchOwl's Shop Announcement

I have reduced around half of my shop by 10% - 20% - 30% - 40% & 50%.
I really need to clear my shop as I have new items to put on.
People who know me and bought from me are happy with my prices normally, so please have a good look around and save some money.
If you like anything you see but don`t want to buy right now, I will layaway items for up to a month.

I will also consider any reasonable offers. Thank you.

To describe myself I would say I am an all round good egg.A night bird. Love rural living. Love living in France. Love small animals, antiques and vintage items.


I am English and have been living in France for quite a few years. I have never regretted
coming here - the countryside is beautiful and the french people are always friendly and very helpful.
Since I started Little French Owl I have made a lot of friends with the Etsy community and my customers.

I love tramping the vide greniers and the brocantes and when I find something special
at a good price, that is the highlight of the week !!!!
I love antiques and shabby chic items and most of all my lovely home in the heart of rural France and my deep love I have for the owls and wildlife that surround me

Please call in to LittleFrenchOwl anytime - I am putting new vintage items on that I am sure you will like.

Take care,


Would like to thank Barbara for being a personal friend and for being a part of my Free Friday Esty Feature. Truly an honor to be serving Barbara.
If you would like to be on my FREE Friday Etsy Feature please email me at MountainManGeorgeReviews@gmail and we hope you enjoy the blog enough to become a sponsor.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Junk in the Country


OMG OMG OMG, I just meet Robin tonight!! And her husband - what a solid rocking awesome team they are and I hope to know these two for life.

As my wife was sitting looking at their car, she states, she know the car!! We'll of course they are all over CDA doing one thing or another and just loving life. Honored to have meet them and excited now to be able to maybe learn some new talents from Junk in the Country artist.

Reusing, Recycling, Reinventing turning old things into new things has some major pictures on their facebook page. GO CHECK IT OUT. Tell them Evielynne the JR tree hugger sent ya (my wife)...

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ready to Open your Etsy Store??

Do you collect bottle caps, paint clothes pins? What about pine cones in your backyard?? Fabric piled high in your non existing crafting room?? Well, you can open up a etsy store and start selling. You only pay .20 per listing (that listing is good for 4 months - that a nickle a month). If you need help, I can help and for FREE. I've been selling on there for 4+ years now and just about to creep up to 5000 sales.
Ready to Open your store then click
I make my living off of our etsy store full time

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What to do with Bacon and Eggs?

What to do with tonight eggs and bacon?? I got it.

25 minutes to make - CHECK
2 potatoes - CHECK
smoked bacon - CHECK
onion & mushrooms - CHECK
4 eggs - CHECK
dill spice and whatever else I want - CHECK
cheese - CHECK
olive oil of course - CHECK
And 2 major hungry people to chow down - CHECK, CHECK

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

JOB 12:7-10

JOB 12:7-10

You have only to ask the cattle, for them to instruct you, and the birds of the sky, for them to inform you. The creeping things of earth will give you lessons, and the fish of the sea provide you an explanation: there is not one such creature but will know that the hand of God has arranged things like this! In his hand is the soul of every living thing and the breath of every human being!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

40% off Coupon Code Sale TODAY only

Aug 10 until 8pm Aug 11th

Our last time we are offering this sale for 2013 so hurry if your shopping for wedding, birthdays, babyshowers or for any event. You will not see this big of a sale until 2014....

Aug 10th until 8pm Aug 11th

Friday, August 9, 2013

Blog Crush for Travels in Therapy

“OH yes,” said Judy, “I thought you were talking about that cardinal.”
Mountain Man George Reviews almost spit out his Mormon Coffee out
(not coffee, my wifes little joke, its PERO )...
My dreams are about animals chasing me. Why is that??
I must say therapy was fun today and I can't thank Travels in Therapy for a super fun blog!!
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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lets Play Where's Waldo

Lets Play Where's Waldo.... What is wrong with this picture?? Can anyone tell me??

Leave a comment when you see, and by the way. My wife LOVE FIATs, it was her first car that she learned to drive...

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sharis in CDA, Idaho

Our first visit WAS NOT GOOD. The waitress sweet and all, did all the wrong things. She spoke ill about other customers and told us business that wasn't meant to be told. She took a very long time to get our drinks (water of all things) and only checked on us once during our time there and it was to drop the check off. The first visit our bill was over $25.00 thats very pricy for us - breakfast
However the food was worth a second visit and aw this waitress was top notch. Came to our table 4 times, served us super fast and was very friendly. So I have to say this for Sharis, it's a good thing your food is GREAT because after the first visit we would not have returned. We opt for the days special to save some money and this go around the bill was about $15.00 for breakfast.

We also noticed the cook changing someone tires in the parking lot. Now that was cool of him. Its something a lot of place wouldn't do and it made a huge impression on us to tell other folks about this restaurant. So I wish to thank him for his human wonderful heart....

Our 2nd visit was a million times better!!
What we also love about this place is the hours. RV Friendly for sure and a huge menu.

Mountain Man George Reviews:
I am not about getting folks into trouble, my reviews have to be honest and straight from the heart. Customer service is very important to RV traveliers and I always take their advice first and foremost. I also want my readers to know that my words are not curved to make browny points. I am one for give most folks a second chance, as I did for this location and often enough things do turn around for the better. So be sure if you wish to challenge me to a review, that I am here to welcome that. Guest post are $10. Etsy store features are FREE on Fridays only and I am booked out 9 weeks out, so if you wish for another day, it's $10. Product reviews are done free if product is provided. Giveaways are also Free if product provided otherwise it's $10. contact me at

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Mexican Food Factory

I was paid by a blog fan to check this restaurant out, so this article is based on my experience eating there. I wish to thank Mike RV for donating money for this review of "eating out" pick for me.

On a Tuesday I was challenged to a free meal provided by Mike RV (he use to live in the area so many years ago, and had heard about this new place being super good, and since he knows me and knew that I was here for the summer, challenged me to check it out)...

So here is the menu, simple and most doable on price. So with it being so hot, we weren't that super hungry and opt to do the nachos beef. We ordered the plate to share. And we should of ordered the 1/2 plate the serving was super huge (and no I am not complaining - I so love that about places like this). We had their iceT in which is the BEST according to my wife (she likes it strong and states that only Mexican restaurants do this - I on the other hand had to add a ton of sugar because I am a phoo phoo drinker).
We sat outside in the middle of the action and watch several folks come in and serveral folks leaving, they were always busy the entire time we were there. Friendly service and it was just right for a perfect day we were having. The nachos were super great, and I am sadden to say that we did not eat it all up, imagine that me not eating everything up. It was hot our folks. But I did take a doggie bag home.
Oh one MAJOR thing, what you must have is the sauce that you see in the picture below - if we could of just opened that and drank from it we would of A++

We took our own dishes in, which is the polite thing to do and we were happy to see others doing it also. You know these folks work for so little money, it's a treat for them when customers help out.
mi casa es tu casa
There isn't anything bad to say about The Mexican Food Factory. They took time to chat with us, and from the very start super friendly, they even took time to give us directions and things to do for the day.... The food is worth the visit Mark and for all those who will be coming through. Parking can be a little tricky here, but if you park down the street at one of the larger stores and then walk on over, may help you in more ways then one. You can walk the food off on your way back to your car. I was thankfull we had a ton of miles to walk that day.
Mountain Man George Reviews would like to thank Mike RV for the donation and for the challenge of this review. I worked super hard at it as you can see. Crunch Crunch...
If you would like to challenge me for a reviews by all means contact me. Guest spots are only $10 here, Etsy Store features done on Fridays for FREE (however I am 8 weeks booked out already), Product reviews are done free if product provided. Giveaways are either $10 or Free is product is provided. All article on this blog are not only viewed but also networked through several facebook/twitter/pinterest and other network forms. We have a Network Managers who does all that for us several times a day... for more details/quotes and such!!
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Monday, August 5, 2013

Paris Flea Market

What a cool little shop, some high prices and some low prices - BUT a must go to see for yourself.

I did make a purchase a Hawaiian shirt my wife picked out. It took us about 30-40 minutes to go through the store and we did not hit every corner of it either. Antiques to handmade items to some major cool guy things (my wife is hitting me saying "WHAT" who is the one in this house that watches sports?? She's right ALL. I am just a Dolphins fan in which I couldn't tell you any of the players names anymore, but ask my wife about the Giants, she can give you a complete run down --- but anyways here is my guy find)...

and or
Looking for a review?? Contact me for more details. Guest spots for $10.00 for your post. This will be twitter/facebook/pinterest many times over. Product review done free if product is provided. Giveaways done free if product provided.
Free etsy blog post are done on Fridays only, if you want a placement other then Friday then it's $10.00 we are solid booked for 8 weeks out for Free Etsy Spots Friday

Sunday, August 4, 2013


"And thus I aspire to preach the gospel, not where Christ was already named so that I would not build on another man's foundation."
- Paul

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Benningfield and Company

This is a PAID Guest Spot. And not by the store itself, but a member of this stores family or friend line. We are NOT to tell. I just want to say, "Can I adopt your life for like a year"? Talk about coolness and kind...

I have to confess something. This was a complete torture to do, because I am full of food envy instead of food itself lol. I also had no clue what so ever, that you can make such a purchase on etsy. Do you realize how handy this is. With current BBQ, and Labor Day and oh my wife's Birthday and OMG Christmas season also scary but here folks.

So if you have your Etsy GIFT CARDS handy, get them out and get them ready for these preserves. The U.S. produces about 1 billion pounds of fruit spreads (jams, jellies, preserves, fruit spreads, marmalade's, fruit & honey butters) annually. Per capital consumption is approximately 2.2 pounds annually.  Also did you know In 1898, the National Preservers Association was started?

There is so much cooking and preparing to do in this whole process, that for me, its much easier and faster to purchase handmade and tastier too.

As I mentioned earlier this is a paid Guest Spot and the person who knows this store VERY well, said this. "You have no idea what they have done for me and for my family, not only gave us goodies to eat but a life time of love. They have helped me in so many ways, that its now my turn to kick their butts to make more products for others to see how blessed I am" I am not to tell who this person or persons are. But I have a feeling they will figure it our quickly...

Exclusive source for Chalkify! paint additive (pending debut, so check back often). Handmade jewelry, decor, and vintage furnishings. Jams, jellies, preserves, and other treats made from whole, locally sourced ingredients. A portion of the profits from every sale is donated to human rights charities.

A new store to Etsy. But not new to her area. In Nashville, TN they are known for more then their good food but for their big hearts...

Would like to thank the secret sponsor friend/family for letting me to this Guest Spot article. Not only are you a cool person but a funny one at that. I have to know what Becca says after she finds out who you are. Oh my!! To Becca, you've open the door for us with your food products, we support handmade in every avenue of our life, and you just made Etsy more then #1 in my book. We know you will do well and look forward being your customer.
For anyone who wishes to be a Guest Spot here, the flate rate is ONLY $10. per article. And this comes with networking sharing from our and our hired networking managers I have to help spread the word about my blog. Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest and other networks will also help spread the word about what you have to share/sell.