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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Terina Thompson Photography

Top notch LADY... And I mean it 100%....

Joann shopping can be a blessing and a curse. You pay bank if you do not show up with coupons. And on this visit, I realized I had caused my self a self inflicted curse.

My wife loves people. Truly loves them. If your standing near by and you have items that send her a message saying "I dare you to ask me what I am making with all this stuff". She'll ask! She made the most friends by that simple little question "What are you making?".  And so the story goes - this is how we meet Terina of .

Terina we learned does all of her own photo props for her customers and has GREAT taste in materials that she uses. My wife wanted to take her fabric and run for the hills. This would of caused some issues I am sure, but then Ms Terina is a super nice LADY. I think she would of handed them over if asked lol.

We learned that she is a business owner locally in our area, which really got our attention. You see my wife and I are planning on doing new business profile pictures and this is something right in Terina area of experience. After doing some research on her and her business - its a LOCKED deal. My gosh her photo's are amazing. Right after our big move, guess who we are calling??

Fun Fact about Terina.. She gave us her coupon so that we could save some $$$$ - now talk about being extra super great. Class is what she is, communication, caring and very passionate about her career. Honored to be hiring her!!

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