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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

RV road trip checklist for us

Our Food List: We keep always 2 weeks worth of dry goods

·         Baking soda, baking powder,

·         Cooking/Olive Oil (Virgin)

·         Peanut butter, jam, syrup

·         Coffee, tea, creamer

·         Nuts

·         Dried Fruit

·         Tuna

·         Oatmeal

·         Popcorn

·         TONS TONS of Spices

We eat fresh food – it’s the only way to staying healthier in this life style


Our Comfy tools List

·         Axe

·         Portable Propane Gas Grill (Webber grill – LOVE IT)

·         Cooking utensils

·         Pot, pan, griddle

·         Coffee pot

·         Firewood (we gather it by hand at camp location)

·         Firestarter, fat sticks

·         Long handled lighter, matches

·         Other campfire tools (bucket, shovel – IT’S THE LAW)

·         Oven mitts, pot holders (we make our own)

·         Plates, bowls, glasses, mugs, go cups

·         Knives, forks, spoons

·         Knife, knife sharpener (or self sharpening – use the bottom of a coffee cupto sharpen knives)

·         Mixing bowl

·         Bottle/can opener, corkscrew

·         Cooler

·         Timer

·         Plastic containers, zip lock bags (tons of those)

·         Foil, plastic wrap, wax paper

·         Napkins, paper towels

·         Can and bottle cozies (we make our own)

Our Cleaning check list:

·         Large and small garbage bags

·         Dish cloth, towels, scrub pad (we make these ourselves)

·         Plastic washing bin (collapsible)

·         Laundry soap (Tide)

·         shampoo, dish soap, (we double buy dish soap Dawn)

·         Cleaning solution (we use vinegar a lot and baking soda)

·         Hand sanitizer, hand wipes (baby wipes wow when a shower isn’t available is a life saver)

·         Tissues (hankies a money and eco saver)

·         Short handled mop/bucket (we hand wash our floors to have one less tool in the RV and we use a collapsible big Tupperware bowl) 

First Aid:

·         Kit box that contain all the important emergency items – we have 3 boxes and store in different location

·         Antibiotic cream (polysporin, neosporin)

·         Gas pills (don’t ask don’t tell

·         Ice packs


Life Bills Paid before long trip:

·         RV Trailer/Suburban Insurance

·         Business Inventory Insurance

·         Cell Phone (we pay 3 month advance) Straight Talk prepaid

·         Internet (most important for us) Verizon prepaid is what we use

·         Health insurance and on the road mobile checkup list (free is what we aim for when we can)

·         Gas Budgets/Fun Budget/RV Parks Budget and each night we park for free that budget money goes to our Fun Budget

·         Emergency Money

·         Goodsams/Memberships (RV, Costco, and such)

·         His/Her spare money


RV Related Tools:

·         Smoke Alarms/Fire Extinguisher     (Check your fire extinguisher/smoke alarms weekly just to be in the habit)

·         Cables for jumping

·         Wrenches (assorted)

·         Tape (Duck – leaks and such)

·         Screwdrivers (assorted)

·         Tow membership

·         Snow chains (however RVer should never be in the snow)

·         Flares/Cones


Everyone will have a different sort of checklist. This one works for us, and we like many RVers will learn as time goes on, improving and becoming more wiser while on the road. If you could of seen our list 4 years ago - you'd know we have!!
Drive careful and use common sense.... 



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Monday, January 28, 2013

RV shopping for pedal bikes

Hi. As we are getting closer to our road trip to Utah, our minds are wondering to the future FUN. We love riding and in the last year between freezing our butts and working LONG hours there hasn't been much time for riding and now we are making that time.  But wait, we donated our pedal bikes this pass summer to a local charity. So it's time to purchase some new bikes. So watch this video and see what you think?? What color, what brand, bike basket (don't even think about it). If anything it's fun to watch.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mo Yuen Creations Review

Husbands, if you haven't in awhile, do something nice for your wife. Life is so short, it's up to us to make them feel loved, secure, and plenty of forgiveness on our end for leaving those darn socks on the floor. Trust me, when you come across this at 5am in the morning:
One tends to re-think things. This review has saved me for the moment. But first let me me thank Anna Mackenzie a world of thanks. For trusting my thoughts and for putting the perk back into my loving wife's eyes. All is right in the world again.

First, my wife is not big into jewelry. She's active in the outside world. BUT, remembering a talk we had a couple of months ago about getting some new clothing, accessories for date nights this summer, I thought DANG I am in.

So here we go:

I choose purple because, well I do often go with my wife when she buying makeup and that's not very often. But purple is the color for green eye women and purple pulls off the job very well. Simple to the eye but wow an amazing DIFFERENT look for my wife. She doesn't do hoops. These are not cheap by any means, they are super quality metal (you can't bend them - well you can if you put all your force into them, but using them as they meant to be used, they are durable with top notch quality). What I liked about them, is that my wife is crafty and can add thing to the loops if she wants to.

Package came just as you see in the photo's... Cute, simple and reusable. Direction may seem funny for women but, if they are not use to wearing jewelry, then this is most welcomed.

We hit the road in about a month and these are packed away until summer. I scored big time!!

About Anna Mackenzie

Opened on Jul 18, 2011
Just touching on to my first year here on Etsy and this little Fiji baby has learnt how to shop online, create Treasuries and met some wonderful wonderful people!

I take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all who have visited my little shop and for giving me a chance to show you my craft!

I love shopping and trying out different shops.....and okay, I do have some favorites!
And I'm forever broke....

My current standing is 179 sales with 533 Feedback's (daughter reckons I have more dollars than sense/cents)....Oh well!!!

Please do browse in my little shop. Hope you will find something you like
What she is also about is this..... Super communication and EASY, EASY to work with. Talk about helping a helpless husband, its her supreme talent. So I am telling you husbands, go with a small business owner, you'll support a number of stay at home Moms, or folks who won't survive without that 2nd job.
We wish to thank for letting us do this review. My thoughts are just that "MY THOUGHTS" - done through a mans vision and we welcome you to test me out.....

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Stuff I Make My Husband

Stuff I Make My Husband

Snow Common Sense

"There are only two ways to live your life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle."

A simple normal day drive is anything but for this road. It seems that this part of the state "REFUSES" to learn how to drive. On this day about, 6 cars passed us - included the jeep you see laying on it's side. Ummm ice stops no idiots. It must be nice to be able to afford "TOP NOTCH INSURANCE" My only question to the young man here is "Was it worth it?" He was not hurt from what we could tell and for that I am grateful.
For those that are new to RV life, we get a great service rate plan for our RV/Car at

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Our New Sponsor Tracy Koss of Tastefully Simple, Indepedent Consultant

We'd like to welcome Tracy Koss our newest Sponsor (a year paid SPONSOR customer)

So let me tell you about Tracy Koss who is a Tastefully Simple, Independent Consultant and I meet her back when we lived in Florida. Wow that was almost 4 years ago. She is awesome - she sends me emails at least once a week and this is shocking because she is one busy gal. And like most of our readers, she is a Mom. She has a beautiful girl, name Ava - and a Fun Fact about Miss Ava - she is a cook, who is a in-disguised gourmet chef in the making because Tracy encourage her in the kitchen.

But first let me pause and share my most favorite Recipe from Tastefully Simple...

Artichoke & Spinach Bottoms Up!Submitted by Cyndie Decowski (NJ)


1 package Artichoke & Spinach Warm Dip Mix

8 oz. softened cream cheese

1 cup shredded Swiss cheese

2 cans artichoke bottoms


Prepare Artichoke & Spinach Warm Dip Mix as directed on package with cream cheese and Swiss cheese. Chill 2 hours. Open and drain cans of artichoke bottoms. Fill each bottom with a spoonful of prepared dip. Bake at 350° for 8-10 minutes or until heated through. Makes about 15 servings

It's really that easy and one I have been using for a long time now!!

We  like her FACEBOOK page (just click the word FACEBOOK and it will take you to her Fan page - click like and leave the word Mountain Man George Reviews on the page and your good to go).

I know all of my followers will fan her page because we are all about helping each other in any way we can... I so thank you for that and you know all you have to do is ask and I will be happy to help you in any way that I can!! It's in my nature. And anything to keep you Mom's home means the world to me. (I can't tell you the number of her goal but it's an even number) and by the way I have liked and do like...

And so that my readers know I will be signing up as a consultant within the next couple of weeks and I would like to share a part of Tracy's email with you all:

Large Kit $170 (enough samples and supplies for 4 parties plus 10 display items. You can also do a payment plan with this kit which would allow you to make 3 monthly payments of approx $56.66 per month).

For me it would be hard to do parties because I travel so much but here's the thing. You get a web page for just $10.95 per month to sell and wow that does all the work for me. What's great about this too is that everyone will want to picnic with us because I'm not only a consultant but a shopper too (soon to be a consultant). I will be able to drop off a flier at every city we encounter for rest stops or visits. So not a bad way to start off.

Do check out Tracy's site - it has so much to offer and Tracy thank-you for coming to me for sharing your business info, we have great readers and many of whom will twitter and facebook this article to show their support for you!! We just rock here...

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ScentSmith Studios Candle Review by Mountain Man George Reviews

ScentSmith Studios Candle Review by Mountain Man George Reviews
Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.
~ Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta, the founder of Buddhism, 563-483 B.C

Upon opening the box, the first thing that strikes you, is the scent of the candle. This in conjunction with the professional manner in which the product is package makes for a very favorable first impression.
What your seeing me smell, is the product I am reviewing. Mandarin Cranberry. I am a guy and can't stand all that fufu stuff, any overpoweringly sweet smelling, so food smells are the best.
The Mandarin Cranberry is straight paraffin wax that measures approx 4" 1/2 H and slight 2" width. The value of the candle is $4.75 which you can purchase from their etsy store:
even better their direct web site:
The burn time various candle to candle but from our personal use of the candle it lasted us almost a week. The smell stayed from day one until the last burn. What is winning this store our best remarks and highest recommendation is the fact of NO SOOT. As RVers, this is the most important feature of any candle. Have you ever washed soot off? It takes a lot of arm strength and time invested.
RV friendly product by far.
If any negatives were to be mentioned, it would be, when your through with the burn, there is a lot of wax left over. BUT this in and of itself, is not a bad thing, since the wax retains the great scent. We found that placing the wax in obscured place in a metal tin keeps the RV smelling as if it were on the first burn.
We place this tin on the stove (trick: when I heat water for our coffee, after it heats, I place the tin on the hot burner and WOW... Neighbors think we cook all the time. We add cloves and orange peels to add a wider smell and works GREAT)
Customer Service: Amy Smith is one of the kindest ladies we've ever had the honor of speaking to. She's believes in her products and it comes across loud and clear. She's open to helping everyone out. Fast and friendly service and truly follows-up to ensure a happy customer. Her stats on her etsy store are one to envy for such a newer store front.
  Opened on Nov 5, 2012 with 76 sales under her belt - TOP NOTCH. From what we understand her direct web sites does double of more in sales. So Amy is a busy women. Amy doesn't just do candles but but also, decorative items, bath and body products and other gift too.
So to close out our successful experience, we are offering a GIVEAWAY on one of her products...
We are doing a GIVEAWAY on the votive that was sent to us: Mango Palm Wax Votive
Fragrance is not a super strong one (overpowering) and is very pleasant to the nose. Made from palm wax, which is what causes the feathered, glittery look to the candle

Just leave a comment after reading this article and you are automatically entered (closes Jan 28th) -

We'd like to thank Amy and her two wonderful stores, for giving me the honor to make my own opinion of her featured product. and

Thursday, January 10, 2013

If we could only go back

If we could only head back to a time where there were no cell phones, computers, gps, atm's, but all means keep the nook/kindle. Time has flown and time is anything but still. My best advice to all, is to stop and breath and remember who you are, and not what you want to be and how you got there along the way.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Party Favor Giveaway

Our first giveaway: OPEN for the USA ONLY 

Open from January 9th and Closed on Jan 28th
Winner picked on Jan 29th

Winners are chosen by

~ 15 Crayon Rolls (5 slot holders)
~ 75 Crayola crayons
~ 1 Cup Cozy
~ 1 Pencil Holder
~ 1 Tissue Holder (travel case)
$75.00 Value ~ the best part is you get to pick your fabric theme

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Good Luck and have FUN with this!!


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Utah are you ready for US?

Our first adventure of the year starts of with; maps, budgeting, overnight stays, weather checks, automobile maintenance and yes this list goes on and on.

Of course, I get the honor of the wheel, but my wife lives for the research end, of our RV life. She even once got our entire Thanksgiving meal, plus 3 weeks of groceries, for a WHOPPING $9.63. This was after using MyPoints earned points along with the use of coupons. By the way, this was a total value of $246.00. Look for our future blog post, on how you to save using this manner.

We are due to hit the road March 1st, driving our Suburban pulling our 1969 SportsMaster (named Hayden's George) kit, 21 ft oldie but a goodie travel trailer. Size is not everything to us, as you will soon learn about us. With 50 days till we sing "Happy Trails" my nose will be to maps and the eyes to the weather. Planning is going on now.

Rand McNally the road Atlas