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Friday, August 16, 2013

Retro and Vintage Inspired Aprons



CherryPieAprons' Shop Announcement

This is your apron store where you can find flirty aprons, baking and cooking aprons, pretty hostess aprons, and just plain fun aprons. Each one is lovingly handmade.

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Kevin Hsia recently created our own banner that we are in love with!
If you are interested in Kevin Hsia's work,
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Kevin is a photographer and graphic designer-he is amazing!



Welcome to my shop!

I'm a mother to three beautiful and creative girls (actually they are all adults now but to me they will always be "my girls") and the wife for the past 30 years to a pretty cool guy. I recently left my job as a litigating attorney and now I'm living out my dream of having some time to enjoy my family and to make aprons! I truly believe that hand crafted items are made with love and attention to detail - I know that mine are!

Quite simply, I am happiest when I'm sewing and creating, and I've dreamed of this time when I can spend time doing what I love. Over the years I've sewn clothes for my three daughters, myself and a couple years ago I started making aprons and selling them at craft fairs. I always wanted more time to sew ( I know - we all crave more time) and create and now I finally have it! I also am trying out my hand on some writing on the side - I adore mysteries!

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The profile picture, tells you how much fun this store is all about. Again, I am lucky enough to call this store owner a friend. Another EXTREME hard worker. I'd like to say thankyou for being a party of my Free Etsy Friday Feature. It's an honor to have you on my blog..
If you would like to be a FREE Etsy Friday Feature, email me at