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Friday, August 23, 2013

Looking Glass Hemp and Guitar Pick Designs

Guitar Pick Jewelry, Hemp Jewelry, Trendy Rock Earrings


Looking Glass creates unique Guitar Pick jewelry that
we sell in local stores and on-line through our etsy shop,
and our website,

Please check out our blog, we are always busy creating
new and exciting designs:

Our guitar pick and hemp jewelry make great gifts for
that special person and music lover in your life!!
Thank you for checking us out!
God Bless ♥♫♥ Michelle & Danielle

Guitar pick jewelry with your....
Music, Style, & Expression in mind!
Now Boston is one of my wife's favorite place and its cool that these two designers are from there. They bring home back for my wife. Good pure loving hearts!!
Honored to have this store on my blog and to be a member of the same etsy groups!!
if you would like to be a FREE Friday Etsy. Give me a shout out!!