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Friday, August 2, 2013

Shimmering Creations

I have been a boss so many times in my life. I've had OK employee and employees that made life harder then it should of been, to the point that often I'd take on the project myself. I believe in team work but I believe in communication above all. So when Danielle from Shimmering Creations came on board as our networking manager for a number of our business sites as well as for our personal sites, I've have NEVER had an employee fit the employee of the year. Danielle has the best communication and leadership skills I've ever encountered. I had lost Internet for a period of time and instead of freaking out and waiting on me, she took the lead and kept our business networking going without having to be told to do so. I honest to goodness can not live without her service. And so I wanted to get to know the lady behind the name and here is what I found out about her.

Q: How long have you been an artist?
A: Well, I've been sewing for the past 5 or so years but I was working with creative stuff before that. I just hadn't turned it into a business. I guess you could say I've been an artist for a good amount of my life, having started writing poetry in the 8th grade and then doing other creative things over the years.
Q: What got you into the networking world??
A: To be honest, this is a new venture for me. I was on another selling venue and I wasn't really selling much of anything. I'd looked around the site, to see what other people were doing that I might be able to get into, as well as was looking around the forums. I kept noticing that other people were mentioning promoting other people's stores on social networking sites and at one point, I felt like it was something I should try. So, I advertised for it, for awhile, but didn't get any responses. I decided I'd advertise for it elsewhere and I'm so glad I did, glad for the business.
Q: Do you see yourself growing more into networking?
A: Yes, I definitely do. I still want to sew, but I'd like to be able to help other businesses expand.
Q: Whats an average day like for an artist??
A: A lot of the time would be in checking emails and dealing with customers(if any), then there's working on a sewing project(whether that's cushions, a quilt, etc.). Unless the project's done, then it's dealing with the customer and seeing there face light up when they get their item(s) or them thanking you for making it for them. If I'm not working on a sewing project (I don't have any sewing projects and it's a bit slow) I work on advertising or making up items to try and sell (such as knitting up an item, making a banner, etc.)
Q: Is it true that and artist is starving??
A: Um, well, it may be true but thankfully I'm not in that situation.
Q: Training?
A: My mother taught and is teaching me how to sew. Other things, though, that are computer related I learned in school or sort of stumbled upon them/figured them out over the years. There have been computer related things that I've gone and researched myself.
Q: Your best experience with a customer?
A: That's a bit hard to say. I've had many good experiences with customers. If you're talking about my best overall experiences, that would be when they see their finished project(s) and when I get feedback. Those are always the best things. Yes, working with them through the project process is wonderful too, but when they get their finished project and when they let you know how much they love it, is the best feeling. It just makes me feel wonderful.
Q: Do you believe that the more you help a small company, then it will also help you??
A: Yes, absolutely. I see it as not only a way to help them out but to also get my name out there. I also enjoy working with people. Without customers, I'd have no business. The more I help another business and the better they do, the more business I get. It's a win-win situation.
Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years??
A: My dream is to get so much business that I'd have to hire somebody/people, to have a steady flow of income. It's been my dream for awhile. I'm hoping it'll happen sooner, rather than later.
Q: Common interest and goals for yourself??
A: My goals are to grow my business, be able to help more people with their sewing/knitting, etc. projects and/or their promoting needs, to have a steady flow of income, to have happy customers(because without them, I'd have no business)
Q: Hobbies?
A: I like to bowl, play the Clarinet, sing, write poetry, read(at different times), fish
Q: What book are you reading right now??
A: I'm actually not reading a book right now.
Q: What did you have for Lunch yesterday??
A: I had a sandwich and potato salad (leftovers from an event.)
We hired Danielle to manage the networking our etsy stores MrsCraftyRVing as well as my newest store BarbieEmporium all of our facebook fan pages, our personal blogs, and along with all of those things, she twitters/facebooks/pinterest and slips in other networking links to our products and services. She works around the clock and had rotated her hours to get the best out of the audience of around the world. I was shocked to find out how much research she does in this. She also went through all of our links and helps us fine tune them if she catches something wrong. Beyond better then any other networking service we've used in the past.
On top of all of that, she currently runs her own store: 

Shimmering Creations

There you will find a number of items from quilts to drapes to baby items and all of her own personal creation of banners and such. She helped design our banner too. She will work with you to design a simple but elegant banner to help sharpen your store out.
As for a price package: you can contact her for quote at  I can say we've been using her for over 4 months now on a number of our sites and she is more then worth the $$$. She's about helping. I owe her big for the wonderful service she has provided me and for my business (s) and I hope that this review will give you the motivation to try her out. Danielle, I'd like to thank you for chatting with me and helping me learn more about you. Its truly an honor to know you and to have you as a key member of the success of our stores.