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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Mexican Food Factory

I was paid by a blog fan to check this restaurant out, so this article is based on my experience eating there. I wish to thank Mike RV for donating money for this review of "eating out" pick for me.

On a Tuesday I was challenged to a free meal provided by Mike RV (he use to live in the area so many years ago, and had heard about this new place being super good, and since he knows me and knew that I was here for the summer, challenged me to check it out)...

So here is the menu, simple and most doable on price. So with it being so hot, we weren't that super hungry and opt to do the nachos beef. We ordered the plate to share. And we should of ordered the 1/2 plate the serving was super huge (and no I am not complaining - I so love that about places like this). We had their iceT in which is the BEST according to my wife (she likes it strong and states that only Mexican restaurants do this - I on the other hand had to add a ton of sugar because I am a phoo phoo drinker).
We sat outside in the middle of the action and watch several folks come in and serveral folks leaving, they were always busy the entire time we were there. Friendly service and it was just right for a perfect day we were having. The nachos were super great, and I am sadden to say that we did not eat it all up, imagine that me not eating everything up. It was hot our folks. But I did take a doggie bag home.
Oh one MAJOR thing, what you must have is the sauce that you see in the picture below - if we could of just opened that and drank from it we would of A++

We took our own dishes in, which is the polite thing to do and we were happy to see others doing it also. You know these folks work for so little money, it's a treat for them when customers help out.
mi casa es tu casa
There isn't anything bad to say about The Mexican Food Factory. They took time to chat with us, and from the very start super friendly, they even took time to give us directions and things to do for the day.... The food is worth the visit Mark and for all those who will be coming through. Parking can be a little tricky here, but if you park down the street at one of the larger stores and then walk on over, may help you in more ways then one. You can walk the food off on your way back to your car. I was thankfull we had a ton of miles to walk that day.
Mountain Man George Reviews would like to thank Mike RV for the donation and for the challenge of this review. I worked super hard at it as you can see. Crunch Crunch...
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