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Monday, August 26, 2013

Setting Up Our Food Budget

As part of our 1-year plan in SAVING for our NEW "HOME" we are putting every avenue of our lives on a budget.

FOOD: $200.00 a month for two (not bad, we've seen family of 4 do this on $200 so this will help us stock up for our slow times with the business sales). This includes pet food and paper goods, toilet paper and such.

1.) food staples that are cheaper than others, such as beans
2.) coupons but hey not all coupons play fair. Only use them if you really need or use the item
3.) bulk buys - this is where WinCo is going to come in real handy
4.) fresh veggie/fruit - Bountiful Baskets
5.) free eggs from our landlord --------> Gosh they rock!!
6.) no meat over $2.00 a pound
7.) make a menu before shopping
8.) shop only 1 to 2 times a month or starve (meats and dairy products every 2 weeks, all the other items once a month - this is what our secret is and to live by, that way the Twinkies won't tempt MountainManGeorgeRevies)
9.) Soup Sundays and always make our items from scratch (like my famous Pot Pies and Breads)
10.) Crock pot meals help shave some money off too
11.) Make my own cookies (box can be $4+ but from scratch a $1.00 or less a batch)
12.) NEVER SAY NO TO A FOOD INVITE from friends lol. Had to add that in.
13.) no ordering out/eating out - if so it comes out of the food budget. Once food gone we starve until the next shopping trip - this will really help us NOT to eat out. EXEMPT New Year's PIZZA - but we may opt to make our own that night.
14.) Study for cheap meal plans ALWAYS

Our GOAL is to buy a home in 1-year

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