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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sharis in CDA, Idaho

Our first visit WAS NOT GOOD. The waitress sweet and all, did all the wrong things. She spoke ill about other customers and told us business that wasn't meant to be told. She took a very long time to get our drinks (water of all things) and only checked on us once during our time there and it was to drop the check off. The first visit our bill was over $25.00 thats very pricy for us - breakfast
However the food was worth a second visit and aw this waitress was top notch. Came to our table 4 times, served us super fast and was very friendly. So I have to say this for Sharis, it's a good thing your food is GREAT because after the first visit we would not have returned. We opt for the days special to save some money and this go around the bill was about $15.00 for breakfast.

We also noticed the cook changing someone tires in the parking lot. Now that was cool of him. Its something a lot of place wouldn't do and it made a huge impression on us to tell other folks about this restaurant. So I wish to thank him for his human wonderful heart....

Our 2nd visit was a million times better!!
What we also love about this place is the hours. RV Friendly for sure and a huge menu.

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