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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Benningfield and Company

This is a PAID Guest Spot. And not by the store itself, but a member of this stores family or friend line. We are NOT to tell. I just want to say, "Can I adopt your life for like a year"? Talk about coolness and kind...

I have to confess something. This was a complete torture to do, because I am full of food envy instead of food itself lol. I also had no clue what so ever, that you can make such a purchase on etsy. Do you realize how handy this is. With current BBQ, and Labor Day and oh my wife's Birthday and OMG Christmas season also scary but here folks.

So if you have your Etsy GIFT CARDS handy, get them out and get them ready for these preserves. The U.S. produces about 1 billion pounds of fruit spreads (jams, jellies, preserves, fruit spreads, marmalade's, fruit & honey butters) annually. Per capital consumption is approximately 2.2 pounds annually.  Also did you know In 1898, the National Preservers Association was started?

There is so much cooking and preparing to do in this whole process, that for me, its much easier and faster to purchase handmade and tastier too.

As I mentioned earlier this is a paid Guest Spot and the person who knows this store VERY well, said this. "You have no idea what they have done for me and for my family, not only gave us goodies to eat but a life time of love. They have helped me in so many ways, that its now my turn to kick their butts to make more products for others to see how blessed I am" I am not to tell who this person or persons are. But I have a feeling they will figure it our quickly...

Exclusive source for Chalkify! paint additive (pending debut, so check back often). Handmade jewelry, decor, and vintage furnishings. Jams, jellies, preserves, and other treats made from whole, locally sourced ingredients. A portion of the profits from every sale is donated to human rights charities.

A new store to Etsy. But not new to her area. In Nashville, TN they are known for more then their good food but for their big hearts...

Would like to thank the secret sponsor friend/family for letting me to this Guest Spot article. Not only are you a cool person but a funny one at that. I have to know what Becca says after she finds out who you are. Oh my!! To Becca, you've open the door for us with your food products, we support handmade in every avenue of our life, and you just made Etsy more then #1 in my book. We know you will do well and look forward being your customer.
For anyone who wishes to be a Guest Spot here, the flate rate is ONLY $10. per article. And this comes with networking sharing from our and our hired networking managers I have to help spread the word about my blog. Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest and other networks will also help spread the word about what you have to share/sell.