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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Chef's Dream Kitchen

Custom Work I was hired to do....
Mountain Man George Reviews sounds like a man from the rugged mountains. But I am not ashamed to admit my true passion in life is sewing. I came across it over 30 years ago, when I made my own valances for my home (and let me tell you, I had a ton of windows), I upholstery my own plane (yes, this mountain man has a pilots license and own his own plane at one time, well several times) and gave up the sewing until I married my wonderful wife. She encourage me to get back it. And I am blessed by it, because of my RA and how it's set against me working a job that requires me to use my hand from 8 to 5. RA has a will of it own and tells me when I can and can't work.

This customer was the coolest and most understanding customer ever. She gave me a huge time frame to work her order and sent pictures of what was to be needed, picked out her fabrics and left the rest to me. Gosh, it was hard, only because well men and colors don't always see eye to eye.

Her father did this part of the project... I miss work working!
I made the curtain, the potholders, mitts and hot pads. My favorite part was the mitts, they are 2 sided and super cute. That's my wife's hand size by the way, yes passed for a child's. I better not talk about her tiny kid feet either, and she's 5'6. I do wish the customer would invite me over so I can play with my creation. I feel in love with the items but when she sent this picture, even I was shocked. Customer did a great job on her color pattern theme. I may call upon her for future help on fabric choices...

I will do custom orders for almost anyone.... Come on over to our main store MrsCraftyRVing for party favor, kitchen gear, fun items or come on over to my "MAN" made Barbie doll clothes made by a MAN... BarbieEmporium for all your Barbie doll needs - on that store I do require 6 weeks to work a custom order due to my RA, but I have tons of ready to be shipped items available now.

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