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Saturday, August 3, 2013

CDA Library

Library day for us is every Tuesday. Since the kindle purchase, my back has been feeling the relief from the now lack of weight. Sure we can download books at our site. But at snail pace speed. And so we truck on down to the library to download and get out of this stinking heat. Some of our downloads are quit big (like our audio for the Book of Mormon - we get more out of the audio since we can listen while we sew, and just recently April 2013 Conference).

This is the Coeur d' Alene library, which we don't go to often but would rather then the other local library. Its big and beautiful and near the famous city lake. We tend to go to the other one library, because from there it is in walking distance to the Walmart, Joann's and Hancocks all the places we have to go for our fabrics. So while my wife does the inet thing, I do the supply shopping (don't feel sorry for me, I'd rather her do all that stuff).

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