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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Valentino's Take N Bake in CDA

Hot, Hot, Hot ------> 83 and to us that is HOT. My in laws sent some fun money, to keep us blogging. They are the funniest people ever. But thank you for the wonderful treat today, we really needed it.

Valentino's super CLEAN/CUTE/And so far the BEST service yet in CDA.

We first had an education as to why not to eat soft serve. And that hard ice cream is much better for you. Then we chatted about the weather, and living in Idaho and such -----> LOVE the little gal that works there, however she is very tall. We'll be going back there just to visit.

We both got the huckleberry and dang - dang - dang, it was good. Not super sweet and still tasty. It blew the one out of the park from earlier in the day. Don't worry we walked 7 miles today, so it's safe to say, I AM NOT GOING TO GET FAT. My wife being a type one never cheats except maybe once a month and so this was her chance.

We just wanted to say thanks to the crew there, and taking the time to getting to know us and just being super cool. It wasn't about just our money but they were more about the customer service and they got that down better then most. MountainManGeorgeReviews gives them a big mounty A+. And I wanted to thank my in laws for sending paypal to us for fun today.