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Friday, May 24, 2013

Purple Cow Art Angie Adkins

We are so honored to have a number of etsy store owners as friends. And this one is a dear one to us. My wife meet her some time ago from an etsy group they belong together and from there, well what can I say: They are women and amazing ones at that.

Purple Cow Art

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to view my profile.

Well a little about me. I live in York, PA with my significant other and an assortment of furry and scaly pets. I have always had a passion for painting and crafty sort of things.

People were always asking me to make this, or make that for them, so finally I decided to try to make this a business to bring in a little extra income.

I work full time in the science industry, but I still love making time to do what I love, which is making unique items for other people to enjoy!

Please, feel free to stop by my shop and browse the items that I have for sale. I will be listing more as I build up my inventory and pull out some of my past products.

Please come visit me on facebook! The page name is Purple Cow Art Designs - USA.!/pages/Purple-Cow-Art-Designs-USA/126620870788755

Look forward to doing business with you!

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I understand there is a illness and her spouse is in the hospital. My prayers along with my wife's prayer that healing happens fast. And that the blessings pour in to help support them, as the bills are racking up, we do ask to help by re posting this blog/facebook it/twitter it/pinterest it - just one networking could make all the difference. I know my wife has/is placing an order with this store to help. We are honored to know this shop own and we want you to know Angie we LOVE you!!