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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Coeur d'Alene city by Lake Fun

           It was a beautiful day. We didn't have much money but made the most of it for sure.

We did chat with the greeter but her attention span was about the next person coming in. Friendly but very robot like. The gentleman you see ROCKS - he is a business owner who has a banquet room. Sorry I don't remember the name of his business, I sure wish we did, because he was so friendly.

Main street a lot of bars, but a lot of friendly folks down here from all over the world I may add.

            My wife will read any plaque there is. And I am glad she is like this because well??
This artist and I share the same last name - and one better, my newphew name! Which by the way is an awesome kid (love you Jason - GO HEAT).

Our hearty congrats to the real Jason Sanchez - awesome work and we hope this sells for you!!