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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Small Town Post Offices are the BEST

Post Office visits for us can be a dream or a nightmare. We've noticed the small towns have more umpff (my wife's word). They really are much friendly to go to and we are honored to know some awesome workers from the Spirit Lake, Worley and Rufus and  June Lake are our top 4 pick for best service. Rathdrum falls last on our list. Customer Service gets you far in life (hint). But we love to visit post office all over the USA and have seen a number of them - since after all we do own a on-line business. I love this little one in Plummer art work.

I just wish to thank Spirit Lake, Worley and Rufus and June Lake for being GREAT. And for the wonderful service they provide - I know at times it's not easy, but all the same a big THANK You