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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

RV Summer Reading

My wife GOBBLES up books. She can read 3 books to my 1. And this summer is the most we've both read in years. We've been that busy, but this summer have set aside some major reading time. Nothing is more special to me, then sitting next to my wife, with each a book in our hands. I so kid you not. The picture is one weeks worth of books. I think since April 1st, I've read about 6 books and Evielynne easy over 20+ and the CDA Library and the Plummer Library will back us up on this. We buy our soft covers for .50 each and if we both read, they we split the cost and save more.

Why do we purchase from the library. Well, it's a form of helping the local area out. The money is used for different project that the library supports/puts on. Put hey, if you have a book you want to send our way (I'd be happy to do a review on it) then mail it to:

Mountain Man George Reviews
Jorge Sanchez
PO Box 411
Worley, Id 83876