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Friday, May 10, 2013

Lessie Blue Original Art with a Heart

LessieBlue's Shop Announcement

Welcome to Lessie Blue! We value your time so use the Coupon Code ITSTIME for 20% any item in our shop :-) We sell original, upcycled, pieces; vintage watches and clocks, both classic and novelty-themed. and we have expanded to sell parts and accessories too.
So take your time, look around and come back often.
~Lessie Blue~




I love watches, clocks, watch parts and all sorts of time pieces. My father was a watchmaker so I was always surrounded by them and fascinated by them as a child. That fascination has continued into my adulthood.

Thank you for coming to Lessie Blue Originals. Put your feet up, take your time, look around and come by often.

Oh, by the way, when you get a chance visit our other shop-Baby Boomer Vintage. We have vintage items, retro stuff and authentic antique pieces:

if you wish to be a guest email me at I also do product reviews too!!
My wife, has been following Lessie Blue Originals for a long time, and my wife says this about the store owner: "My gosh, you just won't find ladies like this one who works harder then most etsy store owners, she's more about the quality of work then she is about anything else, she lives and breaths GREAT customer service. ~ Please check this store out, it's just scream out coolness and I have my eye on one of top notch product, won't tell because I really want it!!