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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Just plop and Wifi

My wife works harder then most people think. Between sewing fulltime, she has to also maintain the store and do all the shipping and networking. The facebook, pinterest, twittering takes up a lot of her time, but she has to do it otherwise we would starve. We have hired some young folks to take up the slack but then they lose their motivation and move on. The bigger companies want an arm and a leg and you might as well  throw your first born into the mix. So it lays on her and when the signal is bad or we've used up our broadband, she becomes a scared little rabbit. She carries the mother load of our success on her shoulders. I luck out, because I just sew.

Well, when there is a chance to use free wifi, she is all over it, and uses up every free minute pushing for sales (again, no sales no food). I have so much respect for her, because as hard as it is, she looks just darn cute doing it.

She is not shy about plopping down anywhere, she has to be spoken to twice, because her nose is glued to the screen in hopes and fingers flying. My blogging is something I do a lone but here is a fun fact. She types it our for me, because well she's a flying fast typist and it was take me 2hours to get it done. So the spelling and grammer are mine folks.

LOL, and to really work extra hard, she wears that purse like armor, in hopes of someone jotting down the business web page. Always thinking that one (Me, Evielynne comment: and two steps ahead of you darling - shhhh he doesn't know that I added this in). So if you have a free minute and would like to help us out. twitter/facebook/pinterest our store, it truly helps.