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Saturday, June 1, 2013


$25.00 Walmart Gift Card....
We are giving one away!
If your a small business owner this group will help you grow
All you have to do
is invite your friends to join this fun group
with you
Remember you get a $15 purchase from each as well.
The member who gets the most people to join during June will get a $25 GC to Walmart.
All new members must add their info to the contact database within 48 hours and complete their 2 activities for the month to count in the contest. If someone joins and does not complete these things you do not get credit for them.
We are looking forward to seeing new faces and new companies join the group. The more variety we have available the more fun it becomes, the more sales you receive, and the more trades you can make. Plus, don't forget about the mini sprees, traveling boxes and other activities that give you loads of opportunities to try new products and have fun, too.
Be sure to tell your friends to add your name as referral when completing the application.
Ever wanted a group that ‘did it all’? You know: sprees, trades, shopping chains, online parties, the whole variety of things offered in DS groups? Well, you’ve found it.

This group is designed to have fun, make sales and encourage you in your business.

We offer a huge variety of activities – some with a bit of a twist you won’t find in other groups – and we will add and subtract activities as the mood strikes us or as the members vote to drop and add things. We want everyone to find their special place in this group.

We expect you to be honest in pricing, ship promptly and participate in the various activities offered. If problems arise and you cannot complete your obligation we expect you to contact the mods immediately to make arrangements.

There are no limits to the number of companies you can represent.

To join this group you must make an initial purchase of $15 before tax and shipping from the member inviting you or from your assigned mod if no one invited you. This must be done within the first three days. You must also participate in at least two activities each month.

Remember we want you to have fun, make money and build your business.

Chris Agostarola
Mary Keyser

Clara Church