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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Brush With Fate Movie Review

Brush With Fate:
 A movie in which we picked from the local library in CDA, Idaho. As my wife and I are changing our lives to be more about good then bad. We've dumped all of our Rated R movies (I can hear the gasp of our family and friends). To be honest, I am tired of the cruel/foul/garbage of our world and we are leaving it for the simple good things in life. I don't swear and so why should I be watching or reading things that contain this sort of things. The more movies with crass and immoral behavior that we watch, desensitises us and begins to make this type of behavior the norm. Which is wrong.

When checking out movies it's easy to sort the good from the bad by the ratings, but not so easy with books - so we gear toward the Christian part of the library. Amazed by how small the section is. Hallmark is one of our favorites in which inspires and captivates the heart and spirit in a good way.
And this week, we just fell in love with Brush With Fate.

An art painting done by Vermeer called "Girl in Hyacinth Blue" has gone through generations of a story of how each owner came to own this beauty of art. Starts off in modern times with Cornelia who approaches a new art teacher with the hopes of his help authenticity of knowing the pass. As she tells the story, you go from thinking one thing into a whole new concept of the piece that draws everyone in "telling a different story each time".

I  loved the twist and turns of the story and from start to finish, I was glued to the screen in finding out all I could with the hopes of a happy ending. And what I got out of it was. Nothing is ever as it seem no matter the masterpiece of how anything is displayed. And that blessing are in life not in a painting. And that a painting is not a mirror to ones future/pass or present for we are our own luck!!

Go check out your local library, the more you check out the more they get more to feed our eager minds....

Have a good movie to recommend - leave a comment.