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Friday, June 21, 2013

Child Chef using knives? I did

This is a article parents need to read. I was so taken back by what I read. Funny, my wife was saying the other day when I personally freaked out watching a child at a local restaurant so young using a knife. My wife calmly said - ummm dear you support NRA parents teaching their children about guns and safety education that goes with it.

Yes my wife knows how to put me in my place on issues like this. Being a farm girl, she learned how to shoot by the age of 6 and still to this day, the girl can shoot. She also can cook better then anyone I know too, because Gramme taught her at the age of 3 cooking lessons, and she knew how to use knifes as they were meant to be used. So why did I freak out so much over this?? Because, we've become pantie-waste parents. Everything we do, see, learn is child abuse.

We can't excel at anything without first approval of what we are doing is correct and within the right of what parenting is all about. Of course, we must use common sense and observe our child to see if he or she is at the level of knowing whats right from wrong. That's the key, to really see our children as individuals and match their needs with their wants.

We all have our say in this matter, and some will find my views as nuts. And that's OK, because it is what my child and what your child does. Bring on the future and let your kids get dirty for a change. Embrace the teaching and get to know your child for the beauty of whats just screaming to express. Chef, mountain climber, a teacher, whatever..... EMBRACE!!