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Friday, June 28, 2013

Jewelry Making Supplies, Findings, Beads, Charms & Gem

Welcome to Findings Keepers.
Here you will find a wide variety of Jewelry Supplies , Charms , Beads and Gemstones.


Hi, I'm Linda,
I am the mother of 6 AWSOME children, 3 boys 3 girls.
The Love of my life and I have been married 23 Blessed years.
I have always wanted to have a business I could do from home,
Etsy has given me that opportunity (THANK YOU)
With my faith in my savior JESUS CHRIST, my loyal customers,
and the support and patience my family has already given me.
I want to say THANK YOU.

I wish to thank Linda for not only having a wonderful store, but for being a super role model for all. Kind, gentle and super helpful with our own store. My wife adores Linda very much and I can't thank her enough for the honor of having her on here today!! These charms are so popular, have a best friend, a group, a fundraiser, a theme gift, any of these things can be found on this store. And the price allows you to pick as many charms as you want for a great low price and have the fun is building your own bracelets, necklace, wreath, jewelry tree - anything you can imagine - we also notice charm shoelaces are very much in.