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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hurt Hawk

I was on my way to the post office today when I notice a small bird attacking a hawk (not sure what kind it is but from the pictures perhaps my followers will). when I came back from the post office, I came across a hawk hurt on the side of the road. I can not say for sure if it was the same hawk I had seen earlier, but my guess is, it was. I came home, told my wife and headed back out to go get it. I couldn't find it.
Dan is regular up here in the mountains, who enjoys the great outdoors, either hiking or riding his ATV. Well he found my injured hawk.

I wish this little guy a quick recovery and  thank  Dan for bringing him by. The wild life up here at MICA gate for QSI is amazing and I have to laugh, the boss is worried we may not be having a super summer. Ummmm this is by far the best summer in the last 3 years. People up here are amazing and so is the office view.