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Thursday, June 20, 2013


Yes, we are member of CafeMom. Of course for us it's about the networking with parents. But there are some wonderful groups you can join to learn about areas you need support in.

I have been on their to see whats in and what Moms are reading about. There is some crazy news press about parents doing wrong, I have been crazy enough to read some of the press line. Like one dad selling selling drugs while holding his daughter. Talk about being Stupid to the hilt. There however more things about good parents then bad parents. Tips from coupon use, to making homemade items to save on the budget.

Speaking of budgets, we seen this on our AWESOME friend Carols facebook page (she's from England and we love her and her family so much)... Shes a full fledged stay at home/homeschooling o to person on how to do it right - we can learn a lot from her!!

An eye opener about whether or not we have the right to cry about child care cost in this world. Think about the cave age Moms they didn't spend a dime....

Check out CafeMom and see how you can add to it or take from it - works both ways!! Find us and add us to your friend list.

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