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Monday, June 24, 2013

Blast from the Past

The first picture has a story. My wife was looking at all the dolls, and this buzzard kept going off, well every time it did she'd look up and nothing, and then it went back to buzzing. I was sitting back laughing because I knew the source of the sound and so did the 30+ folks watching my wife also filled with chuckle. Then ding, she figured it out on her own, she was viewing the dolls she was pass the point of breaking the rules and the alarm we set off by her. My wife, did a bow for everything and they all clapped their hands. My wife the mini Jim Carey!!

We have so many pictures of our visit here. But we just wanted to add a couple. This museum has been updated since we were there 2 years ago. We do plan on going back when we head to the coast. We have a very dear wonderful friend that works there and our envy for her is GREAT!! But our warning to you is, don't go setting the alarms like my wife did, you just never know who may be watching you lol....