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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Solar Radio Review

First we'd like to thank MicrolinkFR160 for sending us this to review and for allowing us to keep the radio for free. With that said, my comments/reviews are just that MY feelings on their product.

We received this radio about a month ago, and as itchy as I was to review it that day, the company asked us to test it for a month to get the full feel of the product.


Reasons Why:

No batteries....
Do you realize this is a huge hardship on RVers, if you do not have electricity. And we do not and have not for over 2 months now and won't see an electric box until the end of October. And with our junk cheap ginny, we only use it to power our sewing machines and that's it. So the solar is a complete winner for us, and a huge money saver.

Again its all about our budget. And this has saved us so much money. We just place her in the sun and let her soak up FREE power and play when we feel the need for some tunes. We can go almost 8 hours of usage when the solar end is charged. So yes this is a sun seeker of our hearts. Better then any coupons for sure.

What do we do when there is no sun?? And this is an area we can really talk about because we'll it's more cloudy then sunny in this part of Idaho for sure. And to answer your question "WE CRANK" - well my wife cranks because this is a device is not handy for RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) - my only negative remark, but in all fairness, most things in the techie world are not RA friendly - because RA is evil to the human world. There is math to the crank and a science to this. My wife cranks 500 times and it will provide 2 hours of usage. 500 times, I kid you not and the major upside to this my wife says, it's a stress re leaser and it's great exercise to boot. So if my wife is happy then that adds to the thrill of owning this solar radio.

Weather Alerts....
This is supported by the American Red Cross for so many reasons. With all the Mother Nature against us this year, this handy machine will provide a safe/fast/reliable source to the outside world in times of need. A must for RV folks who need all the time in the world moving their homes out of danger. We've had several friends this past year that were saved by the simple thing called a weather radio.

USB Cell Phone Charger....
Our winning feature is this. Charging our cell phone on this tiny little radio. We found ourselves about a week ago with a broken ginny and no way of charging the cell phone, until my wife remembered the solar radio, and wow we were saved that day. When in the woods, this little feature can safe your life in a great time of need.

Built-In LED Flashlight....
The one feature we use the most. I tend to have to investigate the noises of the woods near us, when the dogs get set to barking to protect their home. Often enough this summer it's been about the porcupines that share the same space as our RV does. Friendly and cute they are and only because the light allows facts to shine through instead of an active imagination I am often accused of. So kudo's to this solar radio for giving  my wife one less reason to pick on me.

And this concludes my review on the Safety Preparedness with USB Cell Phone Charge and Crank-Powered & Solar-Powered Radio which plays a lot of country music (you'll have to wait on my article about country music and my new sort of love for it).

We highly recommend this by a long shot. We use this daily even though it's meant as a an emergency backup. So with that being said and knowing we use ours everyday, should tell you if you use yours just for an emergency that this is a smart purchase

~keep one in your car
~keep one in your home/or emergency room shelter
~keep one in your garage
~keep one with your camping gear
~keep one with your hiking backpack (it's tiny and light weight)

Dimensions: 5.25" X 2.5" X 1.75" (w by h by d) and the weight is 8.5 oz

Approx price $29.99 and as for color choices we are not sure outside of red and black

Honored to have done this review and loved that it was a perfect fit for our family use and to be able to give a honest review. If your interested in my reviewing your product please email me for more details. For our fans out there, if you enjoyed the article then could you twitter/facebook/pinterest so that we may branch out to include a bigger audience