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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

MrsCraftyRVing Sews For Food

Hard times full of changes for us!! We depend on every single sale. So with July coming up which is the month that we truly do starve because its the slowest month of the year for us. We dread it and fear it. But this year, my wife is taking the challenge to improve things so that we don't have to rely on miracles - but to rely on our hard work paying off. <-------- PLEASE PIN ITEMS, Facebook items, Twitter items for us ... PLEASE this helps and it would cut our budget down a lot.

Starting off with new fresh banners in which where designed by my wife. Instead of hiring someone, she took the risk of making it herself to save some money. This is for our Facebook fan page
We took a major gamble an spent $10.00 on facebook promotion to help more movement in the store and not one single hit, but did manage to get more activity on the fan page - but who cares that was $10 of food in our book. But we took the gamble and maybe one day down the road it will pay off.
We are about hard work and will fight through the hard times as we've always done. We can't thank those who have taken the time to help promote us by those simple clicks... It truly means the world to us.