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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Toe VS Diabeties Type 1

This is healed but won't ever look the same. My wife almost lost he 2 tiny toes. One day it just they just turned purple. And so the nightmare began. They had tripled in size and was blocked, then a bubble appeared and then to really make the danger more possible for the toes to be amp off, Milita our dog, jumped on her foot and tore it to shreds. So it was 2 emergency trips and now THOUSANDS of DOLLARS in debt over it. Change of insulin and major care for the toes, and we now have saved toes. The red nail polish was a gift for my wife for following doctor order to the tilt. Red is NOT her color, but she was thrilled at the gift. A lot of minor skin grafts and lots of cutting, but we are shocked and BLESSED to come out looking good.

Depression, was something we had to watch out for. When your as active as my wife and then your told, you can't do certain things anymore, depression can hit pretty hard. Also with high sugar and low sugar, mood swings are almost always jumping back and forth. These are the times, I pay the most attention, because this is how we know if her number is in death zone.

With our new way of eating and such, I've noticed the depression has gone away and that the mood swings are easy to figure out too. There is NO cure for type 1 and so our funds keep her on health insurance full time, we can't afford to mess with that, but even so, dang its a very expensive. Kind of why we started our store for a second income. No matters, we are blessed with happy toes again.