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Friday, April 5, 2013


April 1st, a beautiful day that turned into one heck of a strange and EXPENSIVE afternoon. Not a cloud in the sky, coffee in the system, and taking our sweet time, getting on the road.  And when we do finaly reach 15 miles from Spirit Lake, my wife says "did you hear that"? No, I say - knowing this is ALWAYS a common question coming from her on every trip. 5 miles later, hitting a hill, I notice the sound myself and feel the different in the pull of the car. By the second hill, I am pushing harder on the gas, and just barely made it up the hill (and it was not a large one at). Awe, a flat road and that when we hear BAM. And then my wife SCREAMED. And then we found ourselves on the side of the road. Prayers in action, thanking GOD for keeping us alive. My wife then screams, "Get out and make sure the car is not on fire." I walk around the entire RV and car and see NO smoke or damages, a good sign, I am thinking. My wife who is faster then lightning, was already on the ground taking photo's of what caused the BAM.
Today's blog is just about the BAM, we'll talk about all the help and support about this day on another blog article. But our vacation which was the drive to Utah, just became about working 10 hours a day again SEWING. My wife, who is up at 4am in the morning and works all day, not that I don't, I just don't have the strength or the energy she has. So we ask our viewers to add us to their prayers. And perhaps a comment to put some smiles back on our faces. It's been a long 5 days without our car, and to boot it's been rainy yucky weather.
I will share a funny story about our 1st day RVing. Back in 2009 in March, we left Miami Florida. And true to adventure, we broke down. Thankfully, it was just a bunch of belts that broke, but boy did my wife cry. I kid you not. Begging between gulps on that pretty face of hers "I don't want to go back to Miami", it took me a long time to convince her, we were not going back. We'll it was my turn to break down, while my wife was the calm one. A perfect marriage, we so balance each other.
When the bill is paid, and we have our car back, we will share the intimate details of what in the world happen. There are folks to thank and changes to share - so be patient and see what is in store for us now.
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