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Friday, April 26, 2013

Citylink Bus Ride

My wife, who is ALWAYs looking for ways to save us money, has hit the jackpot this week. She's done some research and made some calls. And we calculated, that we'll save over $120 a week compared to last years daily driving back and forth to the post office and the in between shopping for fabric supplies and by all means "FOOD". 

First of all, your car costs a lot more than you think. Gas is just the start. You also have maintenance, tires, insurance, license, registration, taxes, depreciation, and finance charges (if you have a car loan). According to AAA’s estimates on driving costs, if you drive a medium sedan 10,000 miles per year, the cost per mile figuring in all of those factors is 70.2 cents per mile. Now keep in mind our car is a 40 gallon and with the cost of gas at $3.36 (the closest gas station to us) and to the city is approx 25 miles (yep, I kid you not). Our car goes 12-15 miles per gallon.

My wife found this site: and we would be

You saved

Riding THE Bus ........ Can you believe that?? 1 year savings......

It was real easy of sorts for us. We drove to the gas station and parked our car in the designated area for folks like us, we then called the bus (most area's don't have to call, but since we are in the BOONDOCKS, we are required to call or they won't stop to fetch us)... We made our call this morning and sat in some very comfy seats and took in the views as we headed to town.



So help save the planet by dumping your car keys for a bus, ... Ride your bike to subway or rail stations rather than driving. ... My wife counting the folks on the bus and whispered to me, do you realized that this bus took, 28 crazy people off the road?? I had to so laugh, it's one way to look at I guess. But, really if your wanting to cut down on some of your travel cost, this is the way to go!!

The bus drivers, have been most helpful and so where the folks riding it, they seemed to love to help outsiders find their way around and we couldn't thank them more. People seem to fear the bus system, thinking they are dirty and the people are weird. Not true at all, we seen business folks, students and well if you think we are strange then yes, some (and I state SOME) strange people. It took the stress of us 100% because now we can enjoy the ride and no we can count on the transportation. -------> WOW WOW WOW.... You do amazing things for your state!! Pride and wanting to help people. A job done well, a big thank you!!