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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

QSI Mica Gate in Worley Idaho

Home at last. Well, more like we've been here for a week. I've been working a lot getting things organized for a an easy summer for a change. My wife, has quit her job to team up with me full time and it's been an eye opener for the both of us. We survived the winter only to be slammed in the face for spring. But with good karma on our side, it's anything but a slam but a BLESSING. For the first time in 3 years we'll catch our breaths and even have time to smell the roses. However hard work is still in store for us to "REBUILD" --------> my summer word. Rebuild my faith, rebuild my relationships, rebuild my savings, rebuild my strength.
I am lucky, I don't have to do this alone. I have God, I have my wife, I have my friends, and I have my family. So there is no alone in this REBUILDING.
Quality Service, Inc is my summer family and I can't thank them enough for the 3rd year with a different office view.

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