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Saturday, April 6, 2013

BringingThe beauty of the outdoors into your home


We are excited about this Guest Spot Article, because we have 2 items on our Wish List, that once we are out of the doggy house of medical bills and car mechanic bills, we'll be on the move for these two items (by Oct my wife demands).                                      

Now a number of my followers know, I am a wood fan, and if it weren't for my RA, I'd be piled high in wood chips. So my ultimate respect for Ken is utmost grand compliments of his workmanship.

Below are wish list items that my wife Evielynne and I (yes MountainManGeorgeReviews) want!!
                  This is my wife Wish List item.

                                                  Curly Maple Bowl / Tiger Maple Bowl

This is my Wish List item. 
"Cooking is my new passion"
As I was chatting with Ken, who is from Rustburg, VA, it turns out he's a workaholic that is also expanded to making Monster Inspired Furniture.

Inspired by his daughters. Cool Dad. Father of 2 son's myself, I pray daily for a granddaughters to share my barbie clothes making. I get the whole love thing, which again brings me to higher level of respect to Ken.
Ken Says:
I have been a woodworker for thirty years. I started in my Industrial Arts classes and took that to heart; I try to make useful pieces of art. My shop contains everything from quilt racks to wine accessories, platters and bowls to baking and cooking accessories to Christmas ornaments.
Here is a little more info about Ken


I have been a woodworker for the past thirty years and collecting machines and materials over that time. I live in Rustburg, VA. and teach Engineering, Architecture, Basic Technical Drawing, Advanced Technical Drawing and Woodworking at the local High School. After a day of helping others learn new things, I try to do the same through my craft. I can make most anything but prefer turning. Traditional woodworking requires everything to be square flat etc.. Lathe work allows you to "feel" the wood as you work it into its final shape. I never start with a plan when turning a piece; I let it guide me as I go. Once a piece has been made, I sand it to be silky smooth, because your finish is only as good as your sand job. Every piece is unique and special to me. I'm always surprised when I see what is within each piece of wood. Every piece I make, started with me cutting a downed log, or found chunk. I then will mill it into the size I...
MountianManGeorgeReviews would like to personaly thank Ken for his time, telling  me all about his passion that's spread out pretty far into his life. I've enjoy researching his product lines of both of his stores. And this truly is a wonderful craftsman who has talents, I can only dream about.