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Friday, September 20, 2013

Monster Orphanage

MonsterOrphanage's Shop Announcement

**Halloween Special...FREE SHIPPING ON ALL PURCHASES TO ALL COUNTRIES!!!** Just enter the coupon code SCARYMONSTER when you make your purchase. Valid until 1st November.



I used to have a silly grown-up job (market research, eek!). But I'm now a reformed character and have a serious job making monsters.

I have an insatiable urge to create and wanted something different for my own kids to play with. One of a kind companions with a bit of a bite.

My monsters are rugged enough to be dragged along the ground, or fed jam or stuffed up noses. Fortunately, they can also handle the washing machine (an annoyance of mine with many toys. 'Surface wash only'?!! Clearly these manufacturers don't have kids).

The Boring But Important Stuff: All my toys carry the CE mark on their labels, a legal requirement for toys sold in the European Union. This means that they are made entirely from fabrics free from harmful chemicals / metals and are robust enough for real kids.

Mountain Man George Reviews:
Now this is one different sort of COOL store. Not just for kids but for adult too. I have been going through all the items and having a blast checking out all the strange weird "Gotta Love it" monsters...