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Monday, September 16, 2013

DLR Photography by David Rahm

DLRPhotography's Shop Announcement

Welcome to DLRPhotography . . .

Update 09/15/2013 . . . all instant downloads in the Vintage Photography section have now been reduced to $3.00 each. Everyone is invited to take a glimpse into my family tree and let it become a part of your crafting project as bookmarks, collages, altered art, or anything else you can think of . . . just PLEASE do not use them for resale.

Update 09/12/2013 . . . the NEWSHOP2013 coupon for 15% off all purchases has EXPIRED. Not bad for my first three months on Etsy. Thirty-eight (38) sales in my first 3 months - not bad, not bad at all. Thank you for your support. And now to get down to some serious holiday selling . . . keep coming back - you never know when another sale might just pop up.

316 admirers and 417 followers - thanks so much to all of you.

Though I really prefer Direct Pay, I am now accepting PayPal.

Update 08/29/2013 . . . In March 2014, I will be heading off to India for six months to do some volunteer work in the slums of Ahmedabad. I have been planning on this for quite some time and really looking forward to it. All proceeds from sales on here will be going towards paying the costs of my trip - who knew immunizations and malaria pills cost so much. If you would like to learn about the details of my trip, please visit the following website:

I would be more than happy to get my Etsy friends some items direct from the street markets of Ahmedabad while I am there - fabrics, jewelry, etc. Let me know.
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This is a NEW Facebook page - if you were a FRIEND on the previous one, well please come to this one and send a friend request. I know, its a hassle, but please do. My apologies.

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 Update 06/2013 . . .

My digital photographs are just a capture of what I see in the world around me at any given time -whether it's a stunning glimpse of the Colosseo in Rome on a beautiful summer day, a cluttered maze of colored fabrics in an eclectic shop in the lower French Quarter of New Orleans, a daring stare down from a majestic Texas longhorn, or the simple beauty of a single bloom in a garden.

You are invited to view a larger range of my photographs at :

If you see something you like there, please convo me on here and tell me the title of the photograph and I will put it up on Etsy.

I am just in the beginning of opening my Etsy shop and will be adding more and more photographs to my inventory. Please stop by and take a look around, and be sure to come back over the next few weeks as I expand my listings. I hope you will enjoy my work as much as I have enjoyed taking them. 

                                                            Asian Boat Model From 1974

My vintage section was created in order to find a new home for items that have been collected through my travels and occasional estate sales. You will find these items to be eclectic, so don't be surprised at what you might discover.

I offer a wide range of photographs and unique items that would look fantastic just about anywhere in your home or office. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Check this site to read about my life's dream and how my family and friends and fans are helping me reach it...

I was contacted by David and after checking him and his wonderful store out, I am honored to have his story told on my blog. Charity of the heart is the best gift you give anyone and David has it. I am also excited to watch his adventure and to be cheering from the side lines.
If you would like your story told please email me at