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Thursday, September 12, 2013

10 Wacky Ways That Could Ruin Your Birthday Party

MrsCraftyRVing List of 10 Wacky Ways That Could Ruin Your Birthday Party

#1 Hiring a DRUNK Clown - Not only do you risk the chance of the clown falling and breaking things but "The Clean-Up" Yuck...


Have the birthday child be the Ringmaster and design your home as a circus tent (outside would be best)

Hiring a 3 legged Horse? Could make the mini cowboys/cowgirls cry


Catch the Bandit
One of my most popular cowboy party games is “Catch the Bandit”. It is a fun-tastic twist on the ol’ party piñata. The game requires an adult to take the part of “the bandit”. Why an adult? Simply because it triples the fun for children to get to chase after a “grown up”.

To play each guest must get armed with a lasso (hula hoops) or squirt guns. The little cowboys/girls must chase the bandit and try and lasso him with their hoops (or squirt him). When the Bandit is lassoed he must freeze and pay the fine to be released. The fine is candy that the bandit throws out for all the cowboys/girls. The game continues until the bandit runs out of candy.

Get More Ideas At:

#3 Ordering the birthday cake the day before - Are you nuts, it will never make it.


While kiddies are playing a game, have an adult put an entire bowl of cake mix and provide cupcake baking cups and have the children fill their own cups. And bake away. Have colored frosting and sprinkle available for each child to decorate their own treats.

#4 Hot Wheels in the house. Too big and too many. OVER SIZED toys are never a good idea with a group of kids.


Mini Hotwheel cars - have a poster board for each child with a  racetrack drawn out and let the kids go to town. you'd be amazed how simple and how they are so consumed in their playing that you will catch your breath.

#5 Feeling Old on your Birthday - Never, it should be a day to CELEBRATE


40+ Go with His/Her favorite childhood character theme. Shock them and truly a birthday never to forget (I am making my wife a crown for her special day coming up)

#6 Order Party Favors and you forgot to count your own children? It happens more then you think


Purchase your favors from because they make extra rolls along with the order just in case the parent do forget to add their children, if not needed they go into the party pack bin and offered at a discount as their party pack mix (look in the discount section of the store if your want to save even more $$)

#7 Pets biting the guest - OUCH...


Rent a pet setter, place in a separate room, or send for overnight visit at a family members home. Pets can get excited and such (little kids can irk them if they are not use to multi kiddies around)

#8 A party with no laughter?? Nope it won't be so if you do this


Assign the kids to come to the party with 2 jokes, the more kids invited the longer the comedy show can last. This works VERY well for adult birthday parties - make them work for their cake.

#9 Its My Party And I am Not Crying?? Play some music and you will "Its My Party and I will Cry if I want to....


Get the jams on, it sets the mood and there is nothing more fun then a full room of singing going on.

#10  I was NOT invited.


Invite me....

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