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Friday, March 1, 2013

Spring in the Colors - Where Kids are the Hero

ATTENTION: Evielynne and Mountain Man George Reviews ARE DOING A FUN CHARITY DRIVE THAT WE'VE STARTED UP, but we need your child's help. Send a coloring page that a child colored in exchange for us donating a crayon roll.

SPRING IN THE COLORS is the name we are using for our donating crayon rolls, depending on the outcome of the mail - we will donate in bundles of 25 per agency

From March 5th until March 20th for every coloring...ring page we receive in the mail - we will donate 1 crayon roll (3 slot holders) to charity.

Mail colored coloring page to:

PO Box 726
Spirit Lake, ID 83869

We are not asking for money or anything EXCEPT A child's coloring page - be sure to have your child's name on it (first name only) for our posting pictures.

RE POST this to show your support!!