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Friday, March 29, 2013

RV Hemp Jewely

Hemp Jewelry by Willow

Here is a excellent example of a hard working RVer who travels full time and earns a way cool living. And too boot, she is a mother of some young little buggers. Willow is on our bucket list in meeting real soon. My wife is a huge fan of her crochet chicks.

Not only a fan but a customer of Willow. Easy to work with and she cares a lot of her craft. Puts a lot of work into her sales and is an amazing person.

The part of her business is catering to bulk orders. I envy her for that. I am not sure of her secret but, I do hope she knows how lucky she is. She puts in just about the same number of hours a day in toward her business as we do, except her challenge also includes her little one. I couldn't imagine putting in a day like hers.

I'd like for you to tell her, how you heard about her. This helps a great deal, to know where your leads come in. Sort of puts one mind to rest to have faith in a certain networking advertising.

Hemp Jewelry by Willow