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Monday, March 25, 2013

RVing Folks who are into 100% NATURAL BODY CARE

lovemyskinsoaps' Shop Announcement

59 items for Sale
Opened on Oct 6, 2011
and has sold 333 items (way to go OLGA)
 Lots of anti-aging, anti-wrinkle creams are coming very soon with the best available ingredients from pharmaceutical companies incorporated in natural oil bases (made by me) instead of silicon bases which are used by big manufacturers. Best of the best!

Hello and welcome! I have a degree in pharmaceuticals from Russia. Making creams and lotions always was my passion. In a pharmacy school we made them using both natural and man made ingredients.
After studying medicinal plants professionally my appreciation of natural products grow tremendously. I always loved making extracts, concoctions, though it can get messy.
When I moved to USA I read some books about native plants and their uses. The Native Indians idea of God creating not only people ailments, but an herbs which suppose to treat them got into my heart. I started making soaps about 7 years ago.
The idea of putting into my product something I THINK and I AM SURE would be good for you, not SOME ORGANIZATION DECIDED WHAT IS GOOD FOR ME sounds soo alluring... Again, back in Russia I was very limited in ingredients I could order to make my own stuff...
Now I am so happy to share some of my creations with people. All my creams, lotions and soaps made from scratch from all natural, mostly organic ingredients ( exception is fun soaps- for them I use safe glycerin soap base). I do not use parabens, PEG or SLS in my products.
preservative in it, drop me a note. I love making custom orders. Have a good health!

My personal thoughts on the store. We'll, I just love her crazy little character soaps and have a few family members who are going to love their care package (Germany - so this will travel far and will be loved). My wife has the square soaps and loves them - they got rid of her bumps, caused from this awful winter itch of a winter. A must buy for so many reasons. Super product and Olga really went our of her way to make sure we were happy. Sent package super fast knowing we hitting the road soon. And best of all, Olga is a sweet lady. I like her. She has class and it going to do very well on her store.