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Friday, March 29, 2013

Christille's Creations

Christille's Creations

About Christille's Creation

I have been making jewelry about 6 years now. Just recently I have decided to do it full time. I am a Licensed Practical Nurse, I have been for 15 years now. Still waiting to get licensed in my home state. This is just a sampling of my items, if I do well, I hope to add more items daily. I love to work with silver mostly, but am starting to branch out into some gold pieces. I love just sitting with my supplies and allowing things to "create" themselves. If there is an item you aren't sure about or need something custom made, please just message me, I would be happy to attempt to make you that "perfect" piece or set.  
Welcome to Christille's Creations! Hand made jewelry created with every style in mind. Thank you for stopping by! If there is anything that is not exactly what you are looking for, please send me a message, I am happy to help you achieve that "perfect" piece or set with a custom order. I truly enjoy the artistry of jewelry making and hope you see something here for you, for a friend, or for that special someone. Each piece is individually hand made by me with care. No two pieces are exactly alike unless asked to do so.

Mountain Man George Reviews would like to thank Christille's Creation for being a guest spot on my blog. My personal take on this LADY - and she is a LADY, is nothing but awww's. She's travel A LOT and not a lazy traveler either. She took the time to learn from locals who were willing to teach her and embrace her talent to a new level. She also gives immense of time to her profession for caring for others. The honor of being able to chat with her has been a excellent experience and I can say, I've made a new friend for life.