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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

RV road trip checklist for us

Our Food List: We keep always 2 weeks worth of dry goods

·         Baking soda, baking powder,

·         Cooking/Olive Oil (Virgin)

·         Peanut butter, jam, syrup

·         Coffee, tea, creamer

·         Nuts

·         Dried Fruit

·         Tuna

·         Oatmeal

·         Popcorn

·         TONS TONS of Spices

We eat fresh food – it’s the only way to staying healthier in this life style


Our Comfy tools List

·         Axe

·         Portable Propane Gas Grill (Webber grill – LOVE IT)

·         Cooking utensils

·         Pot, pan, griddle

·         Coffee pot

·         Firewood (we gather it by hand at camp location)

·         Firestarter, fat sticks

·         Long handled lighter, matches

·         Other campfire tools (bucket, shovel – IT’S THE LAW)

·         Oven mitts, pot holders (we make our own)

·         Plates, bowls, glasses, mugs, go cups

·         Knives, forks, spoons

·         Knife, knife sharpener (or self sharpening – use the bottom of a coffee cupto sharpen knives)

·         Mixing bowl

·         Bottle/can opener, corkscrew

·         Cooler

·         Timer

·         Plastic containers, zip lock bags (tons of those)

·         Foil, plastic wrap, wax paper

·         Napkins, paper towels

·         Can and bottle cozies (we make our own)

Our Cleaning check list:

·         Large and small garbage bags

·         Dish cloth, towels, scrub pad (we make these ourselves)

·         Plastic washing bin (collapsible)

·         Laundry soap (Tide)

·         shampoo, dish soap, (we double buy dish soap Dawn)

·         Cleaning solution (we use vinegar a lot and baking soda)

·         Hand sanitizer, hand wipes (baby wipes wow when a shower isn’t available is a life saver)

·         Tissues (hankies a money and eco saver)

·         Short handled mop/bucket (we hand wash our floors to have one less tool in the RV and we use a collapsible big Tupperware bowl) 

First Aid:

·         Kit box that contain all the important emergency items – we have 3 boxes and store in different location

·         Antibiotic cream (polysporin, neosporin)

·         Gas pills (don’t ask don’t tell

·         Ice packs


Life Bills Paid before long trip:

·         RV Trailer/Suburban Insurance

·         Business Inventory Insurance

·         Cell Phone (we pay 3 month advance) Straight Talk prepaid

·         Internet (most important for us) Verizon prepaid is what we use

·         Health insurance and on the road mobile checkup list (free is what we aim for when we can)

·         Gas Budgets/Fun Budget/RV Parks Budget and each night we park for free that budget money goes to our Fun Budget

·         Emergency Money

·         Goodsams/Memberships (RV, Costco, and such)

·         His/Her spare money


RV Related Tools:

·         Smoke Alarms/Fire Extinguisher     (Check your fire extinguisher/smoke alarms weekly just to be in the habit)

·         Cables for jumping

·         Wrenches (assorted)

·         Tape (Duck – leaks and such)

·         Screwdrivers (assorted)

·         Tow membership

·         Snow chains (however RVer should never be in the snow)

·         Flares/Cones


Everyone will have a different sort of checklist. This one works for us, and we like many RVers will learn as time goes on, improving and becoming more wiser while on the road. If you could of seen our list 4 years ago - you'd know we have!!
Drive careful and use common sense....