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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Stickers By Design RV Friendly Advertising


Customer Service is my wife's biggest thing. I mean it, I've seen her chew people out for rude service. I even once walked out of a shop, knowing she would be blowing up because of something rude said by the store owner (my sweet wife, don't cross her, I so kid you not, it's not pretty).

In the same breath, she acknowledges GREAT service. Let me rewind here for a minute. She blows up at RUDENESS, there is a difference between being rude and giving bad service. Bad service is easy to deal with, you just don't buy or recommend. Rudeness however is not acceptable and there is just too much of it in this world.

My wife, has been searching for a decal for the RV for some time now. And this store has super customer service, fast on the emails - makes sure every detail is cleared with customer - and helps with ideas - super friendly - and above all, care about the customer first instead of the sale first.

My wife emailed 8 etsy companies, that deal with decals and 3 got back to her, 2 of them where short, curt, and not very helpful. Now the 3rd is the winner by far: 12 emails total and smiles on both ends, because the customer "US" and the store "OWNER" win - a product and a sale.

Simple but there will be a picture decal above and below when the final choices are made. You'll have to see what we come up with.

Dawn of Stickers by Design, is beyond nice and for all our RV friends who want to advertise their blog or web store or even just a catch phrase, this is the company we recommend. She's fast, friendly, and she won't break the bank for those who are like us, who have to be careful of cash flow.

The decal is a choc brown color - we wanted to match it as close to the rig as possible and with the new curtains going up (my wife designed them, but I get to sew them - wait till you see what she came up with, I must say it's the best yet).  Size 3" x 18" so you won't have to be on top of it to read it, which will help, we hope in bringing in more sale - after all that's the GOAL.