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Monday, December 9, 2013

Winter Equals Debt

Frustrated this season to the gill. We've worked so hard to put money aside, live by a strict budget and learned to do without. And here is old man winter, killing us with the high cost of heat.

Our electric bill doubled the first month from living here and we are now spending about $42 - $62 a week on propane gas just to heat up our home for 1-Room. And now with this cold front here we are frozen solid shut with our sliding glass door. And the kicker is - Winter isn't here till Dec 21.

7 gal tank and we go through 2 of these in one week per room - landlord wants us to heat entire RV but we can't afford that so we heat just one room and leave the water dripping through out the home. The furnace will burn one 7 gal tank in 2 days if on low so for sure NO furnace.

So all of our hard work is paying for our heat and we are back to square one with our home savings - not a dime extra is going towards that and there isn't a thing more we can do to cut corners. My wife hasn't even a winter jacket. Crazy folks we are but we still smile because God loves us in good times as well as bad times.

We are grateful to have had the savings to pay for the heat because if not - we would be a in bigger pickle then now. So all we can do is work harder (my wife cries sometimes stating how much harder can we work, but I just hug her and say "trust me honey, you are the stronger of the two of us, you'll make sure we get it done").

We don't go a day without wearing our hats, sweaters, lap blankets and and extra socks on and bake food as much as possible to generate heat in exchange of the standard heater (kind of kill two birds with one stone sort of thing). We are even using rice heat bags to help keep us warm (thanks to Danni for sending my wife one - she uses it all day and night - God Bless you for the wonderful gift)

Always praying for guidance from our great Lord to keep our hearts open to life's lesson - wether they are in our favor or not. And to understand that our hardship is not a hardship as long as we have faith and hope and trust in our Lord. And I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ.

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