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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Getting Ready for 2014

Happy New Year

A new year means a new chance to do it better or bigger. Let us help you get off to a great start by promoting your web site/store products/blog article/giveaways/product reviews.

                                                     We work as a TEAM. For example:

Etsy Shop Owners pays us to promote 5 days a weeks

Day #1
4 different shops clicks hearts in your store ALL day long
3-6 different twitter accounts will tweet your products through out the day
3-8 different pinterest accounts will pin your products all day long (67% compared to etsy 17% better chance of getting sales)
1-3 different facebook accounts will post 1 items a day
1 facebook fan page will post 1 items a day
and all of our teams other promotion sites will be used to help. Because the better you do - the better we do, so our moto is, push-push-push to help you grow and in return we have a happy customer and help spread the word about us. After all we employ stay at home Moms, Students, Folks looking to make a second income and such.

As we grow and employ more folks, that means your numbers go up even more and every customer gets a free blog article each and every time their service package starts.