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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mo Yuen Creations Review

Husbands, if you haven't in awhile, do something nice for your wife. Life is so short, it's up to us to make them feel loved, secure, and plenty of forgiveness on our end for leaving those darn socks on the floor. Trust me, when you come across this at 5am in the morning:
One tends to re-think things. This review has saved me for the moment. But first let me me thank Anna Mackenzie a world of thanks. For trusting my thoughts and for putting the perk back into my loving wife's eyes. All is right in the world again.

First, my wife is not big into jewelry. She's active in the outside world. BUT, remembering a talk we had a couple of months ago about getting some new clothing, accessories for date nights this summer, I thought DANG I am in.

So here we go:

I choose purple because, well I do often go with my wife when she buying makeup and that's not very often. But purple is the color for green eye women and purple pulls off the job very well. Simple to the eye but wow an amazing DIFFERENT look for my wife. She doesn't do hoops. These are not cheap by any means, they are super quality metal (you can't bend them - well you can if you put all your force into them, but using them as they meant to be used, they are durable with top notch quality). What I liked about them, is that my wife is crafty and can add thing to the loops if she wants to.

Package came just as you see in the photo's... Cute, simple and reusable. Direction may seem funny for women but, if they are not use to wearing jewelry, then this is most welcomed.

We hit the road in about a month and these are packed away until summer. I scored big time!!

About Anna Mackenzie

Opened on Jul 18, 2011
Just touching on to my first year here on Etsy and this little Fiji baby has learnt how to shop online, create Treasuries and met some wonderful wonderful people!

I take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all who have visited my little shop and for giving me a chance to show you my craft!

I love shopping and trying out different shops.....and okay, I do have some favorites!
And I'm forever broke....

My current standing is 179 sales with 533 Feedback's (daughter reckons I have more dollars than sense/cents)....Oh well!!!

Please do browse in my little shop. Hope you will find something you like
What she is also about is this..... Super communication and EASY, EASY to work with. Talk about helping a helpless husband, its her supreme talent. So I am telling you husbands, go with a small business owner, you'll support a number of stay at home Moms, or folks who won't survive without that 2nd job.
We wish to thank for letting us do this review. My thoughts are just that "MY THOUGHTS" - done through a mans vision and we welcome you to test me out.....