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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Utah are you ready for US?

Our first adventure of the year starts of with; maps, budgeting, overnight stays, weather checks, automobile maintenance and yes this list goes on and on.

Of course, I get the honor of the wheel, but my wife lives for the research end, of our RV life. She even once got our entire Thanksgiving meal, plus 3 weeks of groceries, for a WHOPPING $9.63. This was after using MyPoints earned points along with the use of coupons. By the way, this was a total value of $246.00. Look for our future blog post, on how you to save using this manner.

We are due to hit the road March 1st, driving our Suburban pulling our 1969 SportsMaster (named Hayden's George) kit, 21 ft oldie but a goodie travel trailer. Size is not everything to us, as you will soon learn about us. With 50 days till we sing "Happy Trails" my nose will be to maps and the eyes to the weather. Planning is going on now.

Rand McNally the road Atlas