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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Super Saturday at Lakeland 1st Ward

Super Saturday. Just what is Super Saturday?? Its an event hosted by our Lakeland 1st Ward Church. It is for the women who all gather to craft their selected projects. Also a great chance to get to know each other as women.

Let me give you a little rundown on my wife. She is one of the most bravest person I've ever meet she's battle, save, protect anything. She has no fears except Snakes, Thunder and Women. LOL, yes I said it "Women". So when she mentioned she was going to participate in this Super Saturday, I thought "wow" guts.

So she signed up for as many projects she could with the motivation of getting to know and getting to become friends with these women while hiding her fears. This was to be from 10am-2pm. I'm worried for her.

We get to the church and she is sitting there in the car trying to think of ways of getting out of this, because the fear has set to full blown. On her kindle doing last minute etsy business and then its complete and now to face the music.

Here are some photo's
just the posture says it all

So projects are being worked on while I skip on over to Joann's, Hancock's and Wal-Mart for fabric and supplies. But by noonish, I am worried and decided to go home real quick and vacuum (I know she loves a clean home and wanted her to be happy when she got home) and drove on over to the church to sneak peak a check in to see if she is OK.
And she is. However solo at her table really into her work. I decided then to hang out with her and just watch. I could see the relief in her eyes and says "husband you are my best friend" I am blessed by those words that I hear from her so often. She then says "she had a blast" and then I relax, she made it through. She was able to chat with a couple of ladies and had a great time. I know my wife so well, that I noticed her hands shaking and was close to tears because when she shakes so bad, crafting is the last thing she can do and messed up some of her projects. I thought they looked GREAT. Let give you a show.

And there you have it. Cute, fun and well worked!!


So there you have Super Saturday. As we become more comfortable with our new area, it will be easier with each new event. We stayed till the very end helping cleaning up. Bounce Bounce is my wife. I gave up years ago trying to keep up with her, so I packed the car with all her wonderful creations and ate my cookies provided by these amazing women. Gosh, they were beyond yummy. I wish they had more function for such things, just so I can eat!!
Lakeland 1st Ward we are honored to be a part of this wonderful church - truly an honor!!
Mountain Man George Reviews:
Proud husband to the cutie in the picture. I am always amazed how you face your fears head-on. I know it took a lot to be in such a large group, but you did it!! I love you for so many reasons, the biggest for your heart. The most giving person I know.