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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Nebraska Home Freelance Content Writer Scott Kuttner

We made our physical move and now the business is our now #1 to our daily/minute/seconds of our life. We needed some major outside help to free up my wife (health, she's fine) for the next month and we are so lucky to have found Scott. My wife has been working with him to make our new business bio since we have been invited to be a guest spot on a number of blogs coming up for the Christmas season.

This is one of the most fun writers we ever had the honor of working with. So NOT stiff or self center by any means. We have future work for Scott and recommend him GREATLY!!

Here is a note he sent my wife and I would love to share...

Wonderful. I am very please that you like it. My website is

To read my book before it is released late 2014, go to Everything in my portfolio with the exception of a few poems and class lessons will be in the book. The book is "Fields" and it is a book of inspirational short stories and uplifting poetry, including the new poetry form that I created called an inverted repretend cloned line poem. Many of the shorts and poetry are award winners.

Are you a writer locked in a non-writer's body? If you have always wanted to write but cannot afford to take expensive writing courses, wow are you in luck. In 2006, I created and founded the New Horizons Writing Academy for people who want to learn how to write. It is still going strong today! The courses consist of college level classes and are FREE. Simply join and register at New Horizons. A link to the Academy can be found in my Bio here.

If you need anything, please let me know. As a returning client... you will be entitled to discounts on articles, blog posts, website copy, press releases, eBooks, Newsletters, and just about any other form of writing you could possibly need. Nebraska Home Freelance Content Writers is a one man operation. It is just me... Bronx Kuttner so you will never be passed off to an inferior writer or service.

Thanks for hiring me for you Bio. God bless and have a wonderful life.

-Suggested reading...
I wish to personally thank Scott for the outstanding work he did for our business bio. My wife enjoyed you a great deal and as tight as our budget is, you are beyond worth the price we paid for your service. Please feel free to contact us if you need a reference because in our book, your the BEST....