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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

ROCK stands for Random acts Of Christ's Kindness

ROCK stands for Random acts Of Christ's Kindness

You do a kind act per day for someone, you can know them or not. At least one a day is the goal. It's a random act of kindness. To serve another. If you want to take a pic GREAT post it. That helps give others ideas but you don't have to. The challenge is to serve in small simple ways everyday for a week.

This was taught in my wife's relief society lesson that Julie taught this past Sunday at Church. The Church has challeged everyone to partake in this, but I say go further then that. Blessings sould be giving when ever you are able to jump at it. A simple smile, a simple cards, a simple treat can make a difference to that one person who feels so alone in the world.

We took the challenge and we are now doing this as much as we can DAILY. It's something my wife and I can do together and this is a bonding moment/s for us. A way to embrace in Christ teachings through our marriage to serve others.

My wife was saying that a lot of people have comfort zones for doing acts of kindness. Some feel more comfortable serving those that they know. While others have no issues walking up to a total stranger. As Day and Night, my wife and I are a team. I feel more in the comfort zone with people I know because I worry about what a stranger would think. While my wife is the opposite. She fears what people she knows will think more then what a stranger would. She's golden about ROCK, its something she taught me to do, more then 8 years ago. My wife would make blanket after blanket and wrap them up and hike to strangers homes and leave at the door. I thought she was nuts, until the Christmas of 2010 when we both did it. We'd hide while the resident of that home held the package looking around confussed and then smile, because someone had done a kind thing. We've done hats, crayon rolls and what ever talent we are expressing at the time.

But lets step back a bit. Jesus gave us the greatest ROCK for all of us. He gave us the atonement. He died so we can get back home to him through the atonement. Just like your random act of Christ Kindness can save someone. Truly we have he ability to serve people who just need a smile, or perhaps their refrigerator is close to be empty, or that dinner gift card saves them from further debt. We don't know. And also something to think about. The lady at the gas station was just screamed at by a customer and now she's in a bad mood because of it. Now if someone were to ROCK that lady at the gas station, you will not only have made her day but also the 1000 customers who come after you.

What can you do?? Here is some ideas....

~ place quarter in a soda machine, so that the next person will get one for free
~ place some quarters in a newspaper machine or in the change drop slot
~ place some quarters in a change exchange machine (we see a lot of people looking in there for spare change all the time)
~ dollar bills in books at your local library  
~ take popcorn on Red Box machine
~ baked goodies to any business owners (firestation/teacher room/day care centers/etc)
~ cards to random strangers in your phone book (my wife is huge into this)
~ gift cards
~ yard clean-up
~ shovel snow
~ a new plant
~ babysitting
~ provide a date night for a family pizza/movie/game board

There is just so much you can do to ROCK.... Take the challenge and gather some friends and make magic happen for others. Post picture on your facebook/twitter/blog/pinterest.... The more people see ROCK, the more people will want to be a part of something good/great/amazing....

I want to thank the Lakeland Ward for having some of the most amazing folks we are so honored to call family and friends.

I am blessed to be a part of ROCK. We aim to ROCK daily.
We aim to serve others during their good times
as well as their bad times.